Chopped Challenge

CHOPPED Challenge

Ben and Massie Cooper - Sloane’s Brie and Pear Tartlets.

Colin Wishnack - Pear and Brie Pop-Tart

Darby Watson - The Great Pie-a-licious

David McCusty - Cacio e pepe Rosso, Chicken “cordon brie” and Old-fashioned French-Canadian sugar pie with ginger

Drew Atiyeh - Salmon with dill, sour cream, pink peppercorn sauce. Then in the ramekin is the pie dough, pears, and crystallized ginger in a sort of cobbler form with some cinnamon and oats. Then the salad is mixed greens with apple, the Brie, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Eliza Hershey - Pear and Brie pie poppers

Elizabeth and Matson Roberts - “Brie in a Blanket”

Jean Hershey - Apple Pear Pie with crystallized ginger topped with melted Brie cheese and crushed pink peppercorns

Lee Owen - Pear and brie Crostata (with crystalized ginger and pink peppercorns).

Mark Hudson - “CCV PPP Plate du Jour” Pink Peppercorn & Brie Duxelles Wellington served with Maple Ginger Glazed Pears and Carrots

Susan Quinn and Teresa DiMarco - Three Greens Salad with Grilled Pear, Toasted Walnuts and Brie with Ginger Chutney dressing and Flaky Pink Peppercorn Sea Salt Crackers.

Megan Kayser - Macaroni with a Brie & cheddar bechamel seasoned with pink peppercorns garnished with pie crust twists and pear & crystallized ginger bites on the side

The Padgett Family (Julie, Vaden, Vaden and Anna) - Padgett’s Peppery Pair of Pear Pies

Wallis Lewis - “Please Open the Pool!”

Burns Scott Lewis - “Pear-ly making it, but CSC is the Brie-s knees”

Addy Mukherjee - Peraona Pie

Adrienne Hungerford - Chicken & Brie Empanadas served With Pear,Ginger & Pink Peppercorn Chutney.

Elizabeth Edmunds - Caramelized Pear and Brie Pop-tart with Pink Peppercorn Ginger Bacon Candy

Hatcher Crenshaw - Brie and Pear Gallette with pink peppercorn whipped cream

Lindsay and Eleanor Blackwood - Caramelized pear and brie tartlets with brown butter, thyme and sourwood honey - and an arugula salad with Ellie’s famous pink peppercorn vinaigrette and crystallized ginger.

Mary & Tom Evans - Spicy Pear Pastry Pies

Croft Family - Mini Pear and Brie Tarts with Apple Butter and Pink Peppercorns.

Mary Michael & Brent Spiller - Baked Brie w/ Pear

Holloway and Allison Spiller - Pear Custard Pie

Katie Robbins - Mini baked brie with a pear, ginger, and pink peppercorn compote.

Katie Horner - Pear and Brie Tartlet garnished with Love

The White Family (John, Mary Lindsay, Asher & Philip) - Brie and braised Beef Short Rib Empanada accompanied by a spinach and grilled pear salad with a crystalized ginger bal- samic and pink peppercorn drizzle.

Chasson Biggerow

Emily Biggerow - Pear Party and Tiny Snacks

Emily Biggerow - Pear Party and Tiny Snacks

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