Civil Ceremonies in Worcestershire

Fully Enhanced and Bespoke Worcestershire Every couple wants their day to be as unique as they are. We have listened to couples and asked them what they want – “We want our day to reflect us, us as a couple”; “We wanted something different”; “We wanted to include all our family in our ceremony”; “The sand ceremony was important to us, as it represented the joining together of two people and will be a lasting reminder of the start of our life together”. Fully enhanced Worcestershire… Worcestershire is unique in that we offer such a range of options to enable you to personalise your legal ceremony. So long as there is no religious or cultural content you can include a number of elements.

The Fully Enhanced option allows for additional readings and music/songs, and more personalisation. Maybe you want to be given away by someone in addition to a loved one – father and grandfather; your brothers on either side of you as you make your entrance – maybe you want to play the saxophone as you make your entrance, with your partner to be responding on a clarinet… anything is possible. In addition to the Classic Ceremony elements, couples can choose to include a Sand Ceremony or a “Joining of these Hands” reading, to name but two. You may have your own ideas about what you would like to include. Perhaps having the “The Lovely Dinosaur” poem read with your best man and bridesmaid taking on the roles of the dinosaurs for the reading? Maybe you would like to have a poem or reading with background music (live or recorded) playing quietly during the reading. Perhaps you like the idea of a non- religious tradition, the options are endless. You might be having a winter ceremony and instead of going outside, you could have your ‘confetti photograph’ inside – subject of course to your venue being amenable to the idea! There are lots and lots of ways you can weave your own unique thoughts and ideas in and around your ceremony; a ceremony that will be completely unique and personal to you and include all the legal elements.

As you start to plan your day did you know that you can create your own ceremony to make it entirely unique? Gone are the days when there was little or no choice with your ceremony. We have a range of options to enable you to enhance and personlise your ceremony; there is no longer a need to have a legal ceremony and then have a separate celebration ceremony because you want to completely personalise your ceremony. You will be surprised at what can be included and how unique you can make it Your Special Day. Worcestershire Registration Service provides Registrars who are knowledgeable, professional and highly skilled. They will make sure that whatever ceremony you are having, it will be not only be within the boundaries of the law, but as unique as you wish. They will work with you to plan, personalise and bring your dreams and wishes into reality; a wedding to remember; a ceremony like no other. A Classic ceremony allows you to include further elements around the statutory requirements of the legal ceremony. Not everyone wants their ceremony completely personalised. Some couples just want to make certain moments unique or include family and friends with readings and music; maybe the inclusion of guests singing or a vocalist; or just a little tweaking of the Classic ceremony.


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