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MARCH 2018

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It’s the month of madness for basketball fans around the country. Whether you pull for your favorite team no matter what or have entire spreadsheets dedicated to crafting the perfect bracket, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the tournament. Regardless of our own predictions, there’s nothing our law firm enjoys more than a good upset. “REGARDLESS OF THE WEALTH AND RESOURCES OF THE OTHER SIDE, ALL THAT TRULY MATTERS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE COURT. ” No matter who you root for in the regular season, it’s always incredible to see David slay Goliath on the court. It happens more often than you think. Some small-town school like Middle Tennessee can go toe-to-toe with Michigan State and come out on top. Sometimes this happens because teams in the Big Ten rest on their laurels and believe they can breeze through an easy win. But more often than not, these upsets are the result of the winning team’s hard work and technical prowess. There’s something empowering about watching these games. They are almost always close, demanding that the smaller team push themselves to the limit. Basketball is normally defined by star players. Sometimes we lose sight of how much of a team sport it really is. In these David-and-Goliath matchups, it’s impossible for one man to carry the game. These upsets aren’t dissimilar from battling a giant insurance company in the courtroom.

That’s why our firm enjoys underdog games so much. Our line of work

pits us against some of the biggest names in insurance. Winning those sorts of cases takes more than just a star lawyer. It takes a great amount of teamwork both within our firm and in conjunction with our clients. As long as we maintain a good line of communication and understand all the facts of your case, we have a shot at winning.

The key, both in law and in basketball, is to never let the size of your opponent intimidate you. Regardless of the wealth and resources of the other side, all that truly matters is what happens in the court. Sometimes big companies rest on their laurels, expecting a quick settlement. More often that not, it’s the hard work and experience of your legal representatives that make all the difference. We didn’t go into law to roll over every time a company flexes its muscles. We believe in sticking up for those who have been hurt by powerful employers and neglected by callous insurance corporations. That’s what separates us from those firms that act as “settlement mills.” We root for the underdog because we know they can win.

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