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When a Florida man collapsed while doing yard work, his wife called 911. First responders arrived to find Gene Work suffering a heart attack. They stabilized him and transported him to the hospital. His wife, Melissa, was at his side in the ambulance. She was shocked that he kept fretting over the lawn. He was worried the sod he wasn’t able to put down would die. Gene was rushed into surgery and his life was saved that day. Gene’s pleas had not fallen on deaf ears. Though Melissa’s brother-in-law stayed behind to finish the lawn, he soon received help from the same firefighters who saved Gene’s life. Members of the Pasco County Fire Department returned to Work’s home and finished laying his sod. Little did they know that Gene had been under pressure to finish his lawn or face a hefty fine from his homeowner’s association.

Gifts, meal planning, and endless family gatherings can leave you feeling wrung out. Ramp up your giving feelings by volunteering with your kids. By utilizing their talents to help others, they can learn valuable lessons. Try some of these simple activities and watch your kiddos transform into lean, mean, volunteering machines. VOLUNTEERING AS A FAMILY H ow to E ncourage Y our K ids to G ive B ack There are a couple ways to change your children’s outlook on volunteering from an obligation to a real desire. Start with getting your kids to clean their bedrooms. Set a goal for each child to find a certain number of items they’re willing to donate — say, 10 items per kid — and reward them when they meet that goal with a fun family activity, like going bowling or getting ice cream. You and your family could also help a neighbor clean out their garage in a contest to see who can find the oldest or most unique item. Or you could split off into teams and volunteer to clean up elderly neighbors’ yards or shovel their driveways. Whoever cleans the most yards in the shortest amount of time gets to pick dinner that night. Cleaning and organizing might not be among your children’s favorite things to do, but if you make it a fun activity with a goal and a prize, they may forget it was ever a chore. Your child will learn the value of helping others, and they’ll tidy their room while they’re at it. TURN VOLUNTEERING INTO A GAME

Lesson Learned: Never let your problems consume your life. There are always good- hearted people willing to help.

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