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October 26, 2020

AICC Tackles Virtual Selling

FPA Publishes 2020 Industry Report The Flexible Packaging Associa- tion’s (FPA) 2020 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report provides industry converters, suppliers, inves- tors, and analysts with insight into the performance (i.e. growth, reve- nue/volume expectations, profitabil- ity, and capital spending) of the U.S. flexible packaging industry over the past year. The report survey was conducted early in 2020 with the majority of completed surveys received between January and early March, and the re- mainder were received betweenApril and June 2020.As a result, this year’s forecast data does not fully reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Strong Industry The total U.S. flexible packaging in- dustry is estimated to be $33.6 billion in annual sales for 2019.The flexible packaging industry includes packag- ing for retail and institutional food and non-food, medical and pharma- ceutical, industrial materials, shrink and stretch films, retail shopping

by Greg Kishbaugh

A ICC,The Independent Packaging Association, will host “Max- imize Sales Results - Develop New Sales Skills For Today’s Market,” a new hybrid course to train sales managers and a com- pany’s entire sales team.The six sessions will begin on Thursday, October 29, and run through Thursday, November 19.

Mark Allen Roberts ( left ) and Ed Wallace will lead the hybrid course on Maximizing Sales Results

AICC speakers Mark Allen Roberts, President, OTB Solutions LLC, and Ed Wallace, President, AchieveNEXT Human Capital, will lead the course. Flexo Market News had the opportunity to speak with Roberts about the course,what attendees can expect and how the role of sales will change in the future. Roberts is also the author of the book Branding Backwards, a keynote speaker, trainer, thought leader on LinkedIn, and his strategic business development blog No Smoke & Mirrors.A graduate of the Executive MBA program at Kent State University, he also completed a management-devel- opment program at Harvard Business School.

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AICC Training (Cont’d from Page 1)

speak the language of business, which is business acu- men and be able to basically become a trusted advisor to your clients and not just another rep. I was fortunate that when I was a training leader for a $4 billion company called Tipton, they sent me to Harvard to learn how to train adults.What we quickly learned was that learning that is spaced out is really ef- fective compared to“one and done.”I think we have all attended those kinds seminars and when we go back to our work we have to fight a number of different emergencies and we forget what we just learned.The design that Taryn Pyle, AICC’s Director of Education & Leadership Development, wanted was to space this over about four weeks. There’s also a sales enablement best practice, which is to train the manager before the salesperson because that is who the salesperson is going to go to for coach- ing. And if the manager doesn’t understand the con- tent, the quickest thing they are going to do is dismiss it, and the salespeople will drop it because they feel their manager doesn’t believe in it. So, the design of this course is we are starting with the sales managers for the people participating,we are going to give them a quiet, safe place to learn but also discuss amongst each other because another key thing that is built into this program is peer to peer learning.

FMN: Explain how the seminar came to frui- tion and why you decided to do it at this time. Roberts :The reason for the seminar is that the AICC has been listening to what their members are saying. When COVID first hit, to their credit, the AICC started weekly sessions with leaders, coaching them on how to respond to the pandemic.Through those coaching sessions they continued to learn about needs of their members and, so out of all the trade groups that I work with, they were the first to offer training on virtual selling, how to build virtual relationships, and how to use social media to help prospect since we can’t meet face-to-face anymore. We provided those weekly sessions and they were very successful. But AICC kept listening and what we kept hearing was that a number of their members are really struggling with virtual sales. I have an assessment tool, which shows me clearly that about 60 percent of salespeople are struggling today to sell virtually if they haven’t been trained or coached. So, with the feedback from their members and with those statistics, we are launching a course. The course is designed to help build the skills need- ed to sell in this virtual environment. The learning objectives include how to ask really good qualifying questions, how to build relationships virtually, how to

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Flexo Market News October 26, 2020 3

Label Summit (Cont’d from Page 1) bags,consumer storage bags, and wraps and trash bags. The focus of this report is on the segment of the in- dustry that adds value to the flexible materials, usual- ly by performing multiple processes, such as printing, laminating, coating, extrusion, and bag/pouch manu- facturing.This segment of the industry is estimated to be $26.2 billion for 2019 and does not include retail shopping bags, consumer storage bags, or trash bags. Long-Term Outlook Flexible packaging represents approximately 19 per- cent of the total $177 billion U.S. packaging industry and is the second largest packaging segment behind corrugated paper, and just ahead of bottles and miscel- laneous rigid plastics packaging. Flexible packaging’s solid long-term strength coupled with flexibles’ ability to replace other packaging formats has resulted in the growth of flexible packaging, increasing from 17 per- cent in 2000 to the current level of 19 percent in 2019. For 2018-2019, FPA estimates a solid annual growth rate for total U.S. flexible packaging of 2.2 percent based on information provided by FPA members in the FPA State of the Industry Survey, by non-members in the FPA Industry-Wide Converters Survey, the Cen- sus Bureau’s latest Annual Survey of Manufactures, and FPA’s long-term historical model of flexible pack- aging industry growth.This projection is in line with the long-term trend line of flexible packaging growth for 2003-2019 as the industry continues to improve from the low level experienced in 2009.The estimated growth rate of 2.2 percent is slightly lower than the projected gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the full year 2019, which the latest data indicates an overall U.S. economic growth of 2.3 percent. A Wide Variety Of Methods The U.S. flexible packaging industry employs close to 79,000 people in the United States and encompass- es a wide variety of manufacturing methods,materials, and resources.The average flexible packaging convert- er is a small to medium-size company with annual sales totaling approximately $73-$75 million. The top 100 flexible packaging companies (out of an estimated 453) account for 81 percent of the total industry revenue with an average size of $248 million. The top 10 flexible packaging companies account for just more than half (59 percent) of flexible packaging industry revenue and have average sales of $1.7-$1.8 billion. The majority of flexible packaging plants are concen- trated in the Midwest, although many plants exist in the Southeast and California.

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4 October 26, 2020 Flexo Market News

FMN: People have been forced to use technol- ogy that they are not all that comfortable using. How has that affected their ability to sell? Roberts :When AICC first put information about this training program out on the web site, some of the things that were mentioned was how to build stra- tegic business relationships. After the word “relation- ship” I would add the word “virtual” How to develop a value proposition that resonates with your buyers today. One of the big struggles that I see as a coach is people are using the value propositions that might have worked before COVID. You cannot still talk to customers about truckload prices, as was done in the past, because nobody wants a truckload now.They all are watching their cash. So, you need to adjust your value proposition based on what your customers want and need today. FMN: How do you grow current accounts? Roberts : In my training, I advise people now is the time to double and triple down on your key accounts. And we are going to coach them on how to do that. Who is your ideal customer profile? Sales people are growing in their frustration because they are very busy and they are not seeing much traction today. It’s very difficult, for example, to prospect virtually unless you

AICC Training (Cont’d from Page 3)

What the studies are showing is peer to peer learn- ing sticks much better than anything I could do in the front of the room as an instructor. So, we added that element and this course is going to have what we call ‘knowledge transfer,’ where we are going to introduce new ideas. It’s going to have assessments where peo- ple can go out and assess how well they can build re- lationships and we’ll be able to see where they may have gaps in their learning.They are going to receive qualifying questions and exercises so they can write their own qualifying questions.And more importantly, they are going to go out and try to apply it in real-life situations. Over those four weeks, we are giving them home- work assignments.They will go out and interview one of their customers. There’s going to be a lot of appli- cation exercises because, again, as we train adults we have to have knowledge transfer. It’s actually good if they struggle trying to do something new. So, when they come to the next meeting, we are going to ask them how it went.We are going to talk to their man- agers: Did your people work with you? How are their skills development? Where are they struggling most? This is going to be a very interactive, engaging, appli- cable training at a time they need it most.

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Siegwerk Joins HolyGrail 2.0 Initiative

Everything gets dirty.

Siegwerk, a provider of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, has joined the HolyGrail 2.0 initiative. Under the auspices of AIM, the European Brands Association, the initiative investigates a pio- neering digital watermarks technology for packaging in the European Union. This smart technology could revolutionize the sorting of packaging waste and the quality of recycling. Siegwerk is one of more than 85 companies and organizations from the complete pack- aging value chain which are part of HolyGrail 2.0.The ultimate goal is to achieve a truly Circular Economy. Digital Passport The new technology works like a digital passport for packaging. Digital watermarks the size of a postage stamp are integrated multiple times into the surface of labels or paper-based packaging.These little codes are imperceptible to the human eye, but can be read by cameras, and can carry a wide range of information, such as manufacturer, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), type of plastics used and composition for multilayer ob- jects, food vs. non-food usage, etc.This information can be used along the entire packaging value chain – from producer to recycler. It can improve consumer engage- ment, supply chain visibility and retail operations. In the end, the digital watermark can be detected on the sorting line of a waste sorting facility.This will then en- able an improved and more accurate sorting process This in turn results in higher-quality recyclates, which can be re-used in even more new products and thus support a Circular Economy. HolyGrail 2.0 is the next phase of the HolyGrail initia- tive, which was started by the consumer goods manu- facturer Procter & Gamble and was completed under the Ellen MacArthur Foundation between 2016 and 2019. It will launch an industrial pilot in order to prove the viability of digital watermarks technologies for more accurate sorting of packaging and higher-quality recycling. In addition, it will establish specifications for embedding watermarking codes into plastic molds as well as specifications for sorting equipment. Western Shield Acquires The Label Smith Western Shield Label Company has acquired The La- bel Smith, Houston, Texas. Providing a range of com- plementary flexographic and digital label printing,The Label Smith will support Western Shield’s continued growth plans and increases its presence in the south- west United States. 888-493-5396 Turn to the only company in the world with innovative cleaning systems for flexographic and gravure printers’ every need. • The only company in the industry with a money-back guarantee • Serving over 700 facilities across North America Reduce or Eliminate Costs Today How you clean it makes the difference.

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6 October 26, 2020 Flexo Market News

Roberts : Salespeople are the best of the best. I have my assessment tool and I can tell you what the best of the best have and one of those things is what we call the “figure it out factor” or resilience. They are agile. And if the market is saying that’s what I want, they will adjust to it. Florida State did a study recently where they surveyed a number of buyers and 85 percent of buyers clearly said,‘I expect a sales person to speak to me and connect the dots between what they sell and how it impacts my bottom line.’And at that time, only 15 percent of sales people were doing it. So if you really want to be unique and really want to make a difference, learn business acumen. What we are going to offer in this training is an intro- duction to it. I have a business acumen virtual course that takes a month. It has a business simulation where you apply what you learn and you actually run a business with other team members. And it’s competitive; one of the groups wins.What you do is you see the impact of cutting your inventory and losing orders.You see the im- pact on cash flow if you give people longer terms or free freight.Those are the things that drive CEOs nuts. A CEO once said to me,Why can’t my people think like entrepreneurs? And I said, well, they can with training. (Cont’d on Page 9)

AICC Training (Cont’d from Page 5)

BestBrightHalfHOUSEfour.qxp_Layout 1 9/13/18 3:04 PM Page 1 FMN: Becoming a business consultant requires them to learn a new skill set. They have to learn another part of the business. Are they receptive to that? target the right accounts that value what you offer the most.Your close rate improves, your profit per sale im- proves and actually your overall motivation improves because you are having meaningful conversations. We also must focus on ways to improve how sales- people and sales managers understand the language of business. For as long as I’ve been in business, there’s always been two things buyers complain about: sales- people don’t listen and they don’t understand how I make money, so I can’t have a business conversation with them. Author and co-leader of this AICC course, Ed Wallace, often says in his training that buyers want sales people who are business consultants masquer- ading as sales people. But they can’t do that if they don’t understand business acumen. So, we are just go- ing to give them a very succinct and foundational un- derstanding in terms like EBIT, income, costs.What are business drivers and what are business costs? And that way, as people sell, they can actually build meaningful business cases.

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Flexo Market News October 26, 2020 7

Labelexpo Confirms Americas Show Dates


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The organizer of Labelexpo Global Series has con- firmed revised dates for two of its shows in the Amer- icas, as a result of the ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. Labelexpo Americas 2021, previously sched- uled to take place from 23 – 25 March 23-25, is mov- ing back three months to June 8–10.The rescheduled show remains at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The inaugural Labelexpo Mexico, scheduled to take place from June 23-25,2021,will now take place between April 26-28, 2023 atWorldTrade Center,Mexico City. In addition, the annual Label Summit Latin America will return in 2022. Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report Earns Praise For the third consecutive year, Stora Enso’s Sustain- ability Report has been included in the top ten sustain- ability reports globally, according to the World Busi- ness Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). InWBCSD’s Reporting matters publication, Stora En- so’s Sustainability Report 2019 is recognized as good practice for being clearly aligned with the company’s sustainability agenda. Highlighted strengths of the re- port include the disclosure on trends in the external environment to provide context for material issues, as well as the use of graphics to illustrate sustainability targets progress. Brook & Whittle Partners With Tri Print Brook &Whittle, a provider of pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve prime labels,has partnered withTri Print, LLC, based in Huntington Beach, California.Tri Print is a provider of turnkey packaging solutions to brands and customers in growth-oriented consumer markets including personal care, health and beauty, natural products, nutraceuticals and celebrity branding. Brook & Whittle is majority-owned by private eq- uity firm Snow Phipps Group, LLC. The partnership underscores follows Brook and Whittle’s previously announced acquisition of Orange County-based Label Impressions in June.The Tri Print deal is the sixth add- on transaction for Brook &Whittle since Snow Phipps’ initial investment in October 2017. Similar to Brook &Whittle,Tri Print is focused on the growth segments of the prime market, namely flexog- raphic and digital pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels.

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AICC Training (Cont’d from Page 7)

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FMN: Great message, particularly for the AICC. A complaint frequently heard in the corrugated/ folding carton markets is from people on the plant floor, the manufacturing side of the busi- ness, saying the salespeople make promises that cannot be kept because they do not understand the manufacturing process. Roberts : So, what if, one of the crazy benefits of covid is sales people learn how to be more consulta- tive?They learn how to sell based on value and not just price. They learn how their customers make money and they can speak the same language of their custom- ers, which is income, cost and all those are impacted. At the moment, salespeople just don’t know what they don’t know. We need to teach them new skills. When I was doing one training program we showed them what happens when you give a customer a five percent discount; here’s how many more units you are going to have to sell just to be even.That was an epiph- any moment for most salespeople.They didn’t mean to do that, but nobody had ever shared that information with them. And the outcome, we hope, is that as consultants, as almost individual entrepreneurs for the markets they cover, their decisions are going to be smarter, better for both their customers and their company. FMN: Do you find sales training crosses mar- kets? Every industry has unique challenges, but by and large do you find that training works in- dustry to industry? Roberts : I had this discussion yesterday with a CEO of a very large distributor of pipe valves and fittings. And the first feeling he had was, your generic stuff doesn’t work for my industry. Very quickly, I asked a couple questions: In your industry is it important to build strong business relationships? Well, yes. The re- search shows that 89 percent of executives feel that relationships are key to their success, but only 24 per- cent have a plan to do anything about it. So what do you say we develop a strategy to train your people to build strong business relationships? One of the things that’s a takeaway from this training is, at the end, they are actually going to get a template and they are go- ing to build a plan on what relationships they want to build in their market.And Ed and I are offering free coaching sessions, if anybody wants, after the program. What we’re looking at is, let’s cause engagement between managers and salespeople and strategically say, ‘I want to build relationships with these three ac- counts.’Where are we at today,who do we know there

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Flexo Market News October 26, 2020 9

SGP Partnership Virtual Community Day Announced The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), plans to host the virtual 2020 SGP Community Day on November 17. The community event provides in- sight into sustainability and shares best practices of SGP Certified Facilities, Patrons, Brand Leaders and Resource Partners who support the sustainable print supply chain. SGP Community Day is the non-profit`s sustainabil- ity conference for thought leaders in the printing in- dustry. The event brings together printers, suppliers and Fortune 500 brands to advance the industry’s sustainability performance. Through focused presen- tations and networking opportunities, the event cre- ates a community of practice that allows participants to connect, learn and build a new future together.The SGP Community Day theme aligns with the commu- nity mission: Leading Sustainability for the Printing Industry. All In Print China Welcomes 69,000 Visitors The 8th staging of All in Print China recently con- cluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).At the first comprehensive international trade fair for the printing and packaging industry after the COVID-19 epidemic in China, 687 exhibitors from 10 countries including Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the U.S. showcased their latest technologies. During the five-day exhibition, 69,668 domestics and overseas vis- itors attended the event. Overcoming Adversity For all the international participants not able to trav- el to Shanghai for All in Print 2020 due to COVID-19, the organizer offered the new online platform “All in Print Cloud” which remains open until November 10. It integrates presentations, matchmaking and indus- try exchanges functions for the printing and packag- ing industry and provides exhibitors and professional buyers with video/live streaming promotions, suppli- er-buyer matchmaking, real-time communication and online inquiries. During the live trade fair, three online matchmaking conferences were held successfully on All in Print Cloud platform. The 16 exhibitors show- casing their products attracted 7,000+ visits from 17 countries/regions. The 9th All in Print China will be held at the Shang- hai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from Oc- tober 11-15, 2022.

Flexo Market News

Adheso-Graphics, Inc.

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10 October 26, 2020 Flexo Market News

AICC Training (Cont’d from Page 9)

Web Blast

today,who should we know there today because more and more people are involved in the buying decision and if you just call on one buyer you are very vulnera- ble today.And that strategic plan, if they act on it based on what we share in this course, they are going to be so much farther ahead of what I call people just ‘dial- ing for dollars.’ FMN: Are there things that you are seeing that probably won’t return to pre-COVID days? Peo- ple have struggled with the reality of new tech- nology. Are there things that are not going to change back that we should get used to in sales? Roberts : One of the services is market research. I’ll call 200 to 400 of a company’s customers. I just did this for a distributor, and more than 60 percent of their customers said they actually prefer virtual selling be- cause it is more time efficient.They get answers quick- er and they are not interrupted. Some sales people have bad practices where they just show up to a cus- tomer’s business with donuts and expect to be seen. It interrupts the buyer’s day.What we are learning is a new way to serve our markets and there’s been an explosion, for example, in digital marketing and online purchasing. Something like 96 percent of sales were virtual in the month of August. I think the market is going to normalize, when ev- eryone is vaccinated, but who knows when that is go- ing to be.What customers are telling me is, if I invite a salesperson into my building, it’s going to be more about application and technical knowledge. I don’t need a sales person visiting me. I can get the informa- tion. 76 percent of the buying process is over before most buyers talk to a salesperson. 22 percent have al- ready decided on the product and the price and they are calling sales to work out the shipment. Salespeople can get amazing sales results just by sim- ply asking a couple questions when engaging with people.All these things can be taught and all of them are ways to adapt after the new normal. FMN: There are obviously people who have innate sales abilities. How do you incorporate those people who don’t even understand on a conscious level how powerful they are with sales? How do you incorporate those people into a company’s training program so that they can help others who do not have those innate skills? Roberts :When we do an assessment, people rise to the top.They get a really high score and what we do is we actually borrow upon their skills. Sometimes I even video them and put it into a learning library.We

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Get your company in front of the flexo industry’s key decisionmakers. Flexo Market News ’ readership is comprised of Presidents, Owners, VPs and General Managers of flexo operations — the key people who make decisions on equipment purchases. An ad in Flexo Market News is a direct sales meeting with thousands of the industry’s best thinkers and most influental leaders. Reach the Decisionmakers

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Flexo Market News October 26, 2020 11

Flexo Market News

AICC Training (Cont’d from Page 11)

do a top performer analysis in some companies, but you have to define what top performer means. It’s not just revenue.A lot of these people in this industry they might have inherited accounts and because of that they have the top revenue. So, the question I ask is: ‘If you were opening up a new market, you’re going to open up a branch in Mi- ami, who would you send there to open it up?’That’s your top performer.And then we look at the data.What does a top performer have? Typically a top performer is resilient, they are committed, they are accountable, and they have a really strong will to sell. So that is what is unique about the tool that I use. Not only will it tell me if you know about sales but will you pick up the phone and sell? We look at the top performer’s results in 21 catego- ries. So we now know what good looks like.Then we have everybody else take the assessment and we close the gaps and we are basically cloning your best of the best. About 30 percent of salespeople are in the wrong role. We have a tool now that we’ve developed post- covid called the“rightsizing tool.”And what we can do is capture what’s important in every role.We capture their revenue,their pipeline.We capture their strengths about things like working remotely, consultative sell- ing and then we produce a report. And it shows you, if it’s green, that means the person is in the right role, they have the right skills. If it’s yellow, they are in the right role but they need some new skills. But if it’s red, this person is not even trainable or coachable. And if that person is not, now is the time to act on that. Everybody is restructuring their sales organization for the future. For example, we are seeing a lot of peo- ple moving in the direction of inside sales, less outside sales. But don’t assume that just because somebody is really good in outside sales, they are going to be good in inside sales. It’s a whole different animal.What we need to do is put the right people in the right roles. It’s never been more critical than today because as we adapt, we just want to give our customers the best ex- perience. FMN: Can you talk a bit about prescriptive training and its importance? Roberts : I learned the hard way. When I was at a prior company, what they always did was they had a curriculum and we taught it to everybody. I was asked to train what they called experienced hires. In other words, people with industry experience that they just hired, as opposed to kids right out of college.What I did was the easiest thing for me as a trainer: I trained them on everything. But what I learned was, that was

Eaglewood Technologies, LLC

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Used equipment for flexible packaging, folding carton, paper, film, foil and non-woven industries. Professional, knowledgeable service for more than 30 years.

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Flexotecnica’s patented Safe Sleeve Change ® system and Speedy Clean ® auto washup system are designed to give converters a competitive edge through Flexotecnica’s commitment to research and development. Sales, service and support for Flexo- tecnica presses is provided by KBA North America, Inc. in Dallas, Texas with U.S. resident technicians, an extensive spare parts inventory and an experi- enced, dedicated service staff.

12 October 26, 2020 Flexo Market News

a terrible experience, for them and me. The engage- ment was low. Knowledge transfer was low.They pret- ty much mentally signed out of the program early be- cause they felt it was not applicable to them. So, I changed course. Going forward, I assessed indi- viduals and prescribed exactly what they needed.And I shared with them how they did on the assessment. For example, when I applied this model, I remember there was a veteran in the class, 25 years experience in the industry and he just joined the company and he scored 53 out of 100 on getting past the gatekeep- er. That blew his mind. He was like, ‘I didn’t think I needed anything in that.Talk to me.What am I missing?’ And sure enough, he didn’t have some basic skills for today to get past gatekeepers and talk to decision-mak- ers. Once he knew that and his manager knew that, it became something worth fixing. If you had asked him if he needed training in that, he would have said no. This is an eye-opener when you assess people first and then you prescribe. AICC has constantly listened to what their members are saying and that is the way they are assessing it. What they are hearing is,‘How do I build relationships virtually? I’ve been a belly-to-belly salesperson, a face- to-face salesperson for 25 years.’We know 60 percent of them are struggling.We know some of them have the mindset that it won’t work. So, if they already be- lieve it won’t work, they won’t pick up the phone to make the call. Part of what we do is we work on the mindset. But now we need to equip them with the skills, tools and really good qualifying questions to start those meaningful relationships. Visit for more information and to register. Omet Named ‘Welfare Champion’ In Italy On September 22, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte awarded Omet as one of the “Welfare Champi- on”companies of theWelfare Index PMI 2020.OMET’s President Antonio Bartesaghi received the award in Rome, Italy, during an organized event. Omet is one of the 78Welfare Champion companies identified by the research that started from a sample of over 6,500 companies.This year, in addition to the tra- ditional welfare survey, the Welfare Index PMI detect- ed the impact of the Covid-19 emergency, highlighting the flexibility and resilience of these companies, that represent the backbone of the Italian economic frame- work. Omet’s welfare project reportedly offers time-saving services, agreements, training opportunities, free legal consultancy or fiscal support.

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FTA Fall Meeting October 5-7, 2021 Virtual

TLMI Annual Meeting November 11-12, 2021 Virtual

Labelexpo Americas Mar 23, 2021 - Mar 25, 2021 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont, IL

TLMI Converter Meeting March 21-23, 2021 Windsor Court Hotel New Orleans, LA

drupa 2021 April 20 – 30, 2021 Dusseldorf, Germany FTA InfoFlex 2021 May 3-4, 2021 Kansas City, MO

SuperCorrExpo 2021 August 8–12, 2021 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL Labelexpo Europe September 21-24, 2021 Brussels Expo Brussels, Belgium CorrExpo 2021 September 27 - 29, 2021 St. Louis, Missouri FTA Fall Conference October 4-6, 2021 Frisco, TX TLMI Annual Meeting October 17-19, 2021 Naples Grande Beach Resort Naples, FL

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Koenig & Bauer Koenig & Bauer has named Daniel Vilchez as its Area Sales Director for both North America and Latin Amer- ica. In this new role, Vilchez will be responsible for sales and business de- velopment. Prior to joining Koenig & Bau- er-Flexotecnica, Vilchez managed his own company, which he started at the age of 23. Vilchez earned an ex- ecutive MBA from the IE Business School in Madrid. Fujifilm FUJIFILM North America Corpora- tion, Graphic Systems Division, has appointed Matt Bennett as Vice Pres- ident, Global Strategy and Business Development for Packaging. Spartech Matt Gisoni has been promoted to Vice President of Supply Chain and Sourcing, and Dave Gorenc has been promoted to Vice President of Manu- facturing for Spartech.

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Avery Dennison CleanFlake Technology Offers Solutions Zing Zang, a U.S. manufacturer of bloody mary and other all-natural drink mixes, has completed the transi- tion of its 32-ounce bloody mary mix bottle from glass to plastic featuring 25 percent post-recycled content and CleanFlake technology from Avery Dennison La- bel and Packaging Materials. The decision to transition from glass to lightweight, unbreakable plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for the bloody mary bottle provides Zing Zang cus- tomers with enhanced portability and durability while lowering the company’s packaging cost. With Clean- Flake technology, the label separates cleanly from the bottle during the recycling process, enabling the recy- cled plastic to be used in new food-grade containers, according to Avery Dennison. The recommendation to use Avery Dennison Clean- Flake technology was made by Pamco Label, a Re- source Label Group company, based on Zing Zang’s sustainability objectives.

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14 October 26, 2020 Flexo Market News


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Part of the growing DuPont ™ Cyrel ® family of printing solutions, Cyrel ® DLC plates for corrugated printing and Cyrel ® EASY BRITE screens provide consistently impressive quality and head-turning results in flexographic applications. See what’s possible at

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