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The Introduction Worth $1 Million If You Need Help, Then My Friends Are Your Friends JUNE 2020


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Last fall, a woman whose mother had been killed in an 18-wheeler accident contacted me. She was looking for representation, and though I wasn’t the right man for the job (personal injury isn’t in my wheelhouse), I referred her to a good friend of mine who happens to be one of the top personal injury lawyers in Texas. Within three months, my friend settled that case for $1 million — the maximum amount available from the insurance company. And she did so without having to file a lawsuit. Obviously, I’d make the same referral again in a heartbeat. If I’ve learned anything over my years as a lawyer and a judge, it’s that there are many bad lawyers out there waiting to take advantage of people or just scraping by. So, if I can save a good person from being dragged into that mess, then I’ll always do it, and that goes double for my clients. After 30 years on the job in this area, I have a huge network of resources at my disposal, and if you’re a client of mine, my friends are your friends. In working with small businesses, I’ve built connections with other professionals in the industry, including financial planners, brokers, specialty lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, and vendors of all kinds. No matter what you need help with, odds are I know someone who can help. When I’m helping clients, I bring all of those contacts to the table, and I’ve seen that practice save people a lot of money and stress. Recently, for example, the brother of one of my clients passed away. She was grieving and busy making funeral arrangements, and she just didn’t have the time to look for a probate lawyer, so she turned to me for help. Luckily, I steered her to three excellent probate specialists right away. She felt better because she had confidence in the lawyer she picked, and I felt better because I knew that she was in good hands working with the attorney she hired, my old boss and a close professional friend.

ethical insurance guy or a straight-shooting real estate agent because they’re too big, too busy, and at the end of the day, they just don’t care enough. Their clients are numbers to them, whereas my clients (and contacts) are my friends. I love watching things work out well after I provide a great contact, but my all-time favorite part of the referral business has to be when I can connect two of my clients and make a happy partnership. For example, I have clients who are investors looking for places to park their money, and I have clients who are developers looking for smart investors. So I make the introduction, and boom— suddenly my clients are in business together, and all three of us walk away happy. As you can imagine, after 30 years in this line of work, my list of professional contacts is very long. That list is effectively available to all my clients, but I’m available for consult too. Whether you’re wondering if a contractor is shady or just want to know which dentist to use, I’m here for you! I’ll share my honest opinion, even if it’s unflattering. I’ve told more than one client, “That contractor is a crook, so run away as fast as you can.” Do you need a recommendation today? If you do, then don’t hesitate to call me directly and ask. My cell number is 214-697-3034, and if I miss you, then leave a message and I’ll give you a call back.

In my experience, that habit of offering referrals is unique to small, family- run firms like mine. A big law firm is never going to connect you with an

“No matter what you need help with, odds are I know a guy.”

–David Gibson


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