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Mother’s Day and a Big Milestone

Several years ago, we started a tradition around Mother’s Day that stuck. Beth was at a workshop where she made a height-measuring board — a big board shaped like a ruler — and when she brought it home, we put it up on the wall and began marking the kids’ heights on it.The board now has measurements going all the way back to when the kids were really little, and it is a record of their growth.

Since the board isn’t permanently attached to the wall, the record has moved with us. It is proof that Evie was once very little and that Russell has grown at least 3 or 4 inches every year for the last few. At 14, he’s crossing over the 6-foot mark! It’s wild to look at the pictures of the two of us side by side and realize that my son is almost the same height as me. I imagine he’ll surpass me this year. My measurements are up there as well, though they stay the same every year. (They may even be getting a little shorter!) We have a lot of fun comparing the different heights and marveling at our kids’ journeys from toddlers to teenagers. The first time we measured everyone’s height, it happened to fall around Mother’s Day, so it’s something we’ve kept as part of the celebration. In addition to recording the kids’ heights, we also like to bring Beth breakfast in bed, and we take pictures of her and the kids together. We try to make it an easy day for her. We’ll make her dinner or go out to eat, but mostly, we try to make sure she gets a lot of time to relax and enjoy the day. It’s more about the quality time together celebrating this amazing woman than about a big event or gifts. We celebrate Beth and everything she does for our family.

Leila, Adam, Evie, Beth, Julianna, Jocelyn, and Russell

In the days leading up to our trip, we’re enjoying our time at home with our loved ones. Evie will soon be home for the summer, and we are eager to spend time with her after her first year at college.The other kids are eagerly (and sometimes, not so patiently) awaiting their own summer vacations. We’re getting more moans and groans from them when it’s time to go to bed.The weather is nicer, and it doesn’t get dark until almost 9 p.m., so their internal clocks are telling them that summer is on the way. I hope they’re right; I’m looking forward to getting outside too. We’ll get to take the jet ski we got last summer on some more trips, and we’re all looking forward to that. I wish you an awesome month filled with quality time with your loved ones. Now, go soak up the spring weather!

In addition to Mother’s Day, this May is also our 20th wedding anniversary. Our big celebration will take place this July. We’re traveling to Central and Northern Spain, beginning in Madrid and traveling further north. Beth has been practicing her Spanish and learning words that we’ll find helpful on our trip. We’re both looking forward to this trip and celebrating 20 wonderful years together. Happy Anniversary, Beth! Here’s to the first 20, and to many more.

–Dr. Elkins

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