Body Gears: May Issue


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Achieving Your Ideal Lifestyle

First, what is your ideal lifestyle? Some people give this a lot of thought while others don't bother giving it a second thought. To keep this simple, just identify your top 3 priorities and top 3 goals in life. Hopefully health and wellness make it in your top 3 priorities! Even better would be to have a fitness-related goal such as participating or competing in an event, learning a new sport or skill, or weight lifting goals. Even if maintaining peak physical fitness isn't a 'Top 3' priority for you, we'll bet that good health is a necessity for achieving whatever your top three priorities and goals are.

Below is a simple 3 step process of simple questions to answer to get you started (the hardest part) on creating the lifestyle you’ve been picturing for yourself. Be sure to write down your answers to convert them from intangible thoughts to concrete plans. Step 1: What components of your daily life do you want to improve on and what would you like to incorporate? Step 2: What’s stopping you from making those changes right now? Make a list! Step 3: Create very simple action items for each thing on your list. A list of 50 easily-

completed action items is better than a list of 3 big daunting items that feel like too much work to get done right now (eg. Instead of "1. Exercise more" write "1. Schedule workout times on my weekly calendar"). The more basic and easy you can make the first action item, the easier it will be to get the rest done. Be sure to take a nice long walk after to mentally psych yourself up for the amazing new lifestyle choices you’re going to be making (and get your steps in)!


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