FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

Northern cottonmouth (Water moccasin) Agkistrodon piscivorus

Wide and white, the mouth announces incidental intent for defense

The venomous cottonmouth snake lives in southeastern Virginia near swamps, marshes, and in woods and grasslands around ponds and rivers. They reach 30 to 48 inches long, with a triangular head, vertical pupils and a yellowish-olive to black body with darker crossbands. Look sharp and keep your distance from the cottonmouth–it warns off threats with a coiled body, shaking tail and a wide-open white mouth with fangs. Though fatalities are rare, the bite delivers venom and causes pain, swelling and blistering at the bite location. Seek immediate medical attention if bitten!

Janice Rosenberg Don’t Tread On Me (Northern Cottonmouth) Oil 12 x 12 $150


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