FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

European hornet Vespa crabro

A marvel, really, of paper engineering– built without permits

European hornets are very large, black wasps with yellow markings on the face and abdomen. Primarily carnivorous, they hunt other large insects, including bees. Hornets site their large nests – up to two feet high – in dark crevices, and build them out of paper comb. Colonies die off in late summer and only a fertilized queen shelters through winter and emerges in spring to establish a new colony. Normally shy, European hornets will vigorously defend their nests and can sting multiple times. The sting’s pain is comparable to that of a honey bee and usually fades within a few hours. Seek immediate medical attention if allergic symptoms occur.

Ida Simmons Don’t Bother Me: I’m Looking for Food Mixed media 12 x 12 $250


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