FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

Yellowjackets Vespula species

Our summer rumble ended with stinging remarks and a slammed front door

If you have a striped, winged, and rather bold uninvited guest at your picnic, it’s probably a yellowjacket. Some nest underground – looking like small black and yellow fighter jets shooting in and out of a hole – while others build papery nests on porches or in bushes. Yellowjackets hunt caterpillars and aphids and do a bit of pollinating, too, so they’re not all bad. Steer clear of them when you can; they deliver multiple stings, causing pain and swelling. Seek medical attention with multiple stings or if you see symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Jon Perry Heading Home Acrylic 12 x 12 $125


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