FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

Poison Sumac Toxicodendron vernix

Poison Sumac, commonly 5 to 20 feet tall, grows in acidic swamps, bogs and moist clearings. It is found infrequently in the Coastal Plains of southeast Virginia and is rare in the Piedmont and mountains. Poison Sumac ’ s leaf structure, resembling a feather, has a main leaf shaft with between 6 and 12 parallel rows of oval, smooth-edged leaflets and one single leaf at the end. The plant produces clusters of small white flowers that become berries in the fall. Don ’ t touch or burn Poison Sumac! All parts of the plant contain the oily substance, urushiol, which can cause a painful rash at the site of skin contact. Smoke from burning Poison Sumac can cause severe symptoms and damage to eyes and lungs.

Cheryl Ragland Poison Sumac in the Autumn Copper, Suede & Snow Quartz 12 x 12 Not for Sale


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