FFAC "The Cleopatra Project" Art Catalogue August 7 2022

Asian needle ant Brachyponera chinensis

Do I startle your stitching, needle ant, as I stride the forest floor?

Asian needle ants, native to areas of East Asia, have become invasive in Virginia. They nest in undisturbed forests hidden under rocks, stumps, and debris. Individuals display distinctive black coloration and orange appendages but, measuring roughly 1/8 inch long, they may only appear as a black speck to the naked eye. The Asian needle ant feeds primarily on termites and other dead insects. It is not aggressive; most stings result from accidental contact. Stings involve intense pain that fades and returns over several hours to many days. Seek medical care immediately if allergic symptoms occur.

Leslie Barham Asian Needle Ant Fabric Sculpture 12 x 12 x 3.5 $285


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