Big English 2 Teacher Book Level 3

Objectives Reading • Can follow the sequence of events in short, simple cartoon stories that use familiar key words. Listening • Can recognize familiar words and phrases in short, simple songs or chants. • Can understand basic information about common jobs, if spoken slowly and clearly and supported by pictures. Speaking • Can ask someone simple questions about their life and experiences. • Can use a few basic words and phrases to show politeness (e.g. please, thank you ). • Can ask a range of questions in guessing games to find the answer. Writing • Can write a single basic sentence about daily routines and activities. • Can begin and end a simple story using an appropriate fixed expression. • Can write simple sentences about familiar things, given prompts or a model. Grammar • Can ask a range of wh - questions. • Can make basic statements with subject + verb + object. A Lot of Jobs! 2

Unit Projects

Family Connection Have students tell their families that they are learning about occupations and workplaces. Encourage students to interview family members, relatives, and friends about what they do and where they work. Suggest that students collect information in a three-column chart with these labels: Name, Job, Workplace. Throughout the unit, allow students to revisit their charts and report back to the class about what occupations and workplaces they have added.

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