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A Monast family gathering

Despite all the chipper snapshots we’re spoon-fed over social media day after day, we all know life isn’t always easy. I know it, my clients know it, and our families know it, too. So when doing my best to steer my kids through the troubled waters of the future, the goal has never been to eliminate hardship. That’s impossible, and even if it weren’t, it would take away so many vital lessons that make life worth living and keep us honest and empathetic. The hope isn’t that they’ll come up against obstacles in their life, but that they’ll have the tools to deal with them and learn from them when those obstacles come. All we can hope for as parents is that our kids will end up strong, fulfilled, and hopefully smarter than ourselves at their age. With all that in mind, it’s gratifying to see my kids enjoying some measure of success. Back in February 2017, I wrote this cover about my son Garrett and his studies in engineering, my stepdaughter’s then-newborn son Oliver, and all the plans the Monast clan were laying back then. It’s funny that upon reflection in 2019, so many plans are coming to fruition. First, there was my son Pete and his wife Carlie’s wedding back in late November. Two years ago, Pete was a freshman at OSU Newark. Later that year, he switched schools and began studying for his ministry degree through Ohio Christian University. Today, he and Carlie are worship and youth leaders at their church, singing for over 16 services leading up to Christmas. My stepson Jackson graduated end of summer and started an internship in January with his alma mater, Ohio State, working with the strength and conditioning coaches across all sports and will do football in the second half of the year. He also got engaged just before Christmas to his fiancée Britney. They’re busy planning their wedding and taking care of their own “baby,” their new beast of a dog, a Cane Corso.

background and keen technical skills. He and his wife just moved out to Fairfax,

Virginia, which is ideal for me since I find myself out there pretty regularly nowadays for legal conferences.

My son Max, still figuring out what he wants to do when he grows up, is now working two jobs while also writing and doing podcasts for an online gaming site. It’s all good experience.

Finally, my stepdaughter Whitney and her husband Robby are expecting their second child. My grandson Oliver’s going to meet his little brother sometime in March.

I’m sure many of my clients can understand the pride and nostalgia that comes with watching your children grow up and strike out on their own. My own kids have been through a lot, between the divorces of myself and my wife, deaths of friends and family, and the many other tough times we all have to weather as people. So it means a heck of a lot to celebrate their bright futures, confident they have tools to face life on life’s terms. I hope I help my clients to do the same with their own challenges. Every day, I work with people hurting, going through the terrifying process of securing their own futures in a crisis. They thought they’d found their footing but then had the rug pulled out from under them by injury due to no fault of their own. I would hope that, if my own kids were struck by such an impossible situation, they’d have folks looking out for them. That’s why I strive to be the best attorney I can be for the people I serve, to do all I can to guide them through the dark times and into a more secure situation where they can continue to provide for their own families without fear. We all know life isn’t always easy. The hope is that when things get tough, we can somehow help one another through it. For me, that’s true whether it’s my friends, my family, or anyone who walks through my office door.

Meanwhile, Garrett graduated in December and is starting an engineering job working for the government. It’s a perfect position for someone with his military

–Jim Monast

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