Nottingham Law School Law Fair Guide 2018

Welcome to the Nottingham Law School Law Fair Below are some helpful tips on how to make the most of the fair.

Check the stand map and firms/organisations entries in this guide • Review the list of firms/organisations and make a plan. If a stand is busy, move on and come back. • Use the notes sections to write any details about the organisations/individuals. Walk confidently and smile • Carry yourself with confidence. • Be the first to extend your hand, which shows eagerness to interact. • Remember eye contact and body language are important, so try to avoid any negative body language, such as folding your arms. Listen carefully and show interest • You are primarily here to obtain a job and information. • Ask open-ended questions (using terms like how, what, why, where, when...). • Show genuine interest and get their opinion on any issues you may encounter during the application process. Don’t spend too much time with one firm/ organisation • If appropriate, suggest a follow-up activity such as LinkedIn, email or a phone call and move on. • Remember to thank them and say goodbye before leaving. Keep realistic expectations • Remember these firms/organisations have live vacancies and are interested in filling them! • You are here to impress, make connections and gather useful information to support your immediate or future applications. • NTU’s Employability Team are here to support you – come and say hello and find out how we can help you over the next few months and three years after you graduate .

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