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OTOWA, NJ — In- tegrated Business Systems (IBS) has Assignment marks first national installation for New Jersey real estate tech company IBS provides Imperium property management software for Arkansas commercial real estate firm T

with their decision.” IBS’s Steven Hirsch, prod- uc t manager , remained closely involved through the implementation process. “In short, we were there to en- sure that Imperiumwas fully operational and bridge the learning curve,” Hirsch noted. “And we remain available for ongoing support and updates moving forward, as Associ- ates Solutions works to meet its client’s evolving needs.” For IBS, the relationship with Associates Solutions re- flects the firm’s growing focus on geographic expansion. IBS

launched its legacy property management/accounting sys- tem in 1979 and is a recog- nized New York/New Jersey regional leader in its niche. “The experience with As- sociates Solutions has been terrific,” Mullin said. “Ulti- mately, this is a great illus- tration of Imperium’s viabil- ity and potential to provide a sound platform for owners and operators of real estate nationwide through the Acu- matica Partners network.” Today, IBS products and services reflect several gen- erations of technological

advancement. In addition to servicing and growing its Imperium Powered by Acumatica client base, the firm supports the dozens of regional commercial and residential real estate owners and operators using its legacy lease management/account- ing software. Additionally, IBS’s Managed IT Services division offers comprehensive consulting, design, installa- tion and support services. IBS embraces the most powerful products to ensure a reliable and secure technology infra- structure. n

“We examined what is out there and available, and Imperium became the clear choice,” Winship said. “The product functionality offers everything a real estate or- ganization needs to capture revenue and expenses across every property and project type. It also fits right into the Acumatica framework, which is a huge benefit. Addition- ally, the IBS team served as an invaluable resource from the outset, demonstrating the advantages of the product and helping this client’s lead- ership become comfortable

b e e n r e - tained by As- sociates So- lutions, Inc. to provide its I mp e r i um Powered by Acumat i ca p r o p e r t y management

Steven Hirsch

software to a rapidly expand- ing Arkansas commercial real estate organization, an- nounced IBS president Mi- chael Mullin . This marks the first national installation for the Totowa-based com- pany’s cloud-based product. Based in Lenexa, KS, As- sociates Solutions, Inc. is a value-added reseller (VAR) for Acumatica, a popular cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. IBS, in con- junction with the Acumatica development team, created its Imperium software as a stand-alone property manage- ment/accounting system that addresses the requirements of residential and commercial real estate owners andmanag- ers. The product also functions as a separate, add-on compo- nent for the Acumatica ERP platform, providing a fully integrated, industry-specific solution for Acumatica VARs like Associates Solutions. “Our new client in Arkan- sas is a relatively young company with a very bright future,” noted Associates Solutions’ Matt Winship , director of consulting ser- vices. “Its rapid expansion is taking place across multiple business units – as a landlord renting space to retail ten- ants, as an operator of event facilities and as a commercial developer. From the outset, we recognized that providing property management func- tionality as part of the Acu- matica package would play a critical role in successfully winning the business.” Launched in 2016, the Im- perium Powered by Acu- matica software offers deep strength stemming from IBS’s four-decade development his- tory, particularly in the areas of escalations and recoveries, lease abstracts, and utility and tenant service billing. It also integrates seamlessly with best-in-class applica- tions across multiple real estate services categories.

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