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EW YORK, NY — CTA Architects P.C. (CTA) has completed Designers convert a utilitarian facility into a visually attractive architectural element CTA Architects completes redesign and redevelopment of Morningside Gardens refuse area N

ing, and electrical engineer. Richie Cabo, Horticultur- alist served as the landscape and horticultural consultant. Domingo Gonzales Associ- ates developed the lighting master plan for the entire co- op complex, elements of which were incorporated into the refuse area. CTA developed an entirely new design for the refuse area. “During the pre-design phase, we consulted with both MHHC management and the city’s Department of Sanitation to develop the optimal design,” said CTA Senior Project Man-

ager Frank Scanlon, AIA. “We wanted to ensure the new design would solve issues from architectural, aesthetic, and access points of view, while also accommodating possible new regulations and technological developments in waste man- agement.” Based on these conversa- tions, CTA analyzed several options for containing the rub- bish. The team also specified an area for compositing bins and pre-sorted recyclables along the north perimeter of the area for textiles, glass, and paper. n

the $1.1 million redevelopment and upgrade of the 5,650 s/f refuse storage area at Morn- ingside Gardens, a six-building co-op complex inWest Harlem’s Morningside Heights section. Morningside Gardens features approximately 980 apartments housing many of New York City’s professionals, includ- ing Columbia University and Barnard College employees. CTA had previously served the client, Morningside Heights Housing Corporation (MHHC), as the architect for the $10 mil- lion exterior restoration of the complex. Prior to the renovation, the refuse collection area was un- sightly, with storage sheds that served as temporary holding areas for garbage bags without any permanent containers. It had an unappealing perimeter chain-link fence and an uneven and deteriorating asphalt sur- face that led to a drainage prob- lem. Pools of water polluted with refuse would accumulate after it had rained. It was not only unattractive to those pass- ing by at the ground level, at LaSalle Street, but from the apartments located in the ad- jacent residential towers above. “Our architectural team cre- ated a new refuse area that is architecturally attractive from both the street level and the apartments above. The new design also alleviated traffic problems brought about by the former inefficient layout,” said CTA principal G. Douglas Cutsoegeorge, AIA . Due to the inefficient layout, access to the area was difficult when garbage trucks would arrive to collect the refuse. The trucks would have diffi- culty maneuvering inside the trash storage area and would block access to tenant parking. Further, the site is adjacent to a supermarket located within Morningside Gardens. The area serves as an access point to the supermarket’s loading docks, complicating the traffic issues. CTA’s renovation alleviated the traffic problems, providing easy access to the new refuse containers and store loading docks, all while improving the aesthetics of the area from the ground level and above. DJMNYC LLC was the gen- eral contractor for the project. Galli Engineering, P.C. was the structural, civil, plumb-

The new Morningside Gardens refuse area houses three 40-cubic yard vermin resistant refuse bag storage containers and a 30-cubic yard dumpster supplied by ACAWaste Services, Inc. Photo by Peter Wilk/Wilk Marketing Communications

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