e Words of Wisdumb President Nixon may well take a more relaxed , tolerant position on marijuana this year in order to woo the youth vote . In that case, it is worth recalling the words of Richard Kliendienst, former deputy Attorney General. Kliendienst has modestly declared his own views to be closer to the President's than any living person. Here is what he said to a group of Georgetown University students in April, 1971. "Our job is to enforce the law, and only that. Marijuana is destruc- tive to the fabric of ·America, and must be treated as such . "No civilized country in the world has legalized marijuana . "You know, if you lived in Russia and were caught smoking you would be killed--you know shot. "If we permit our citizens to smoke legally, don't you think the Russians would begin to see the opportunity to take us over? "After all, we all know that the reason the Arabs are losing the war to the Jews is because they smoke so much. " Former ROTC Schools'Blacklisted' The U.S. Navy has ruled that


\ .. -·-~ \

Catholic Con-Conspirator Boyd F . Douglas Jr., the government informer in the Harrisburg conspiracy case received a " reward " for his work from the FBI that enabled him to buy a new car. He then asked for $50,000 more . Douglas ' " reward " was revealed in a mysterious letter that was among material turned over to the Harrisburg defense by the government this week in accordance with court rules. In the letter Douglas thanked the Bureau for the reward and requested a minimum sum of $50,000 asking them to consider " ... what I will go through befor and after the trial or trials." His 10 tter continued by saying "l know these i->~ople may not bother me but the only way I will be able to feel comfortable is to take some precautions as they are the cream of the Catholic left." · He further justified his request of this sum by explaining he could have no ties with his family for at least a year before he could feel safe. Doug las testified that he turned against Berrigan and his colleagues be- cause he was "concerned" about "the threat of these people to the United ( States government." He was also con- cerned to see priests and nuns involved in the antiwar movement he said, because he was raised a "strict Catholic." It was not clear as to why the govem-

from graduate schools was stated in a committee report last year on 13 July. The report asserted that , "It is morally wrong for the military to spend dollars sending students to a particular college or university which has chosen not to cooperate with the military services. Despite the report , there was never any Congressional sanction of the Committee's position. Much opposition to the action has already arisen . Repre- sentative William Ryan (D., N.Y .) has intimated that he will press the House , terming the Navy decision as "nothing less than a blacklist. "

navel officers will no longer be allowed to take graduate courses at a total of fifteen universities throughout the nation . Theschools have been 'blacklisted ' because they have phased out their Reserve Officers Training Corps [ROTC] programs. Among the schools listed were Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford, and Columbia. The action was taken under pressure from House Armed Services Committee Secretary of the Navy John H. Chafee who said that the prohibition of officers


ment released the letter which ._ demoli~~es Douglas' facade of 1 patriotic and rehgious concerns. The defense said it ~/ thought the letter was released to undercut any future blackmail attempts


by Douglas.



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