the lives of 50,000 Gis and billions of dollars and has cost the Vietnamese hundreds of thousands of lives and the destruction of their country. Both parties are responsible for the deaths of thousands of women by back-street abortionists because abortions are re- stricted or illegal in every state . Neither of the two parties has done or intends to do anything that would allow Blacks, Chicanos , Puerto Ricans or Native Americans to really have some control over their lives and their communities. All the announced presidential candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties support the status quo, although a few modifications may be necessary. All of them, Muskie, Nixon , Humphrey, McCloskey , McGovern , Jackson , Yorty, Chisolm, Dell urns, McCarthy and Lindsay ask young people to give the system "just one more chance." This system, which is based on the interests of a small group of business- mm, industrialists, financiers , and generals, has used up all its chances throughout its 200 year history of exploitation and oppression. It used up its last chances when it rained napalm on Vietnamese children, when it mur- dered four students at Kent State and six at Jackson State and Augusta, when it shot down George Jackson and Malcolm X, and when it massacred the inmates of Attica for standing up and saying "We are men .. . not beasts of burden. " The Young Socialists for Jenness and Pulley are organizing support for the only campaign that says "NO!" to this systme of war, racism, sexism, and exploitation. The Young Socialists for Jenness and Pulley will also help build the antiwar movement, the women's movement and the Black movement to help keep them independent of the two-party system and in the streets. By building these mass . movements, by getting large numbers of students, women, gays, Blacks, Chicanos, prison- ers, Puerto Ricans, Native Americans, working people and GI's actively involved, by helping them to organize around their own strength, we are chal- lenging the monopoly of those who run this country to make all the decisions. All those interested in more infor- mation on the campaign, supporting it or helping to build the mass movements, should contact Jon Berger, 862-5881 at SUCB or the Socialist Workers '72 Campaign Committee, 706 Broadway, 8th Fl., New York, New York 10003. (212) 260-4150

Socialist Workers Party

Jenness & Pulley

that calls for complete and immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Southeast Asia, that calls for the repeal of all anti-abortion laws, in order to allow women the right to choose for themselves whether they want to bear a child, that calls for Black and Puerto Rican control of the Black and Puerto Rican communities, that supports the rights of Gis, prisoners and Gays, and that campaigns in the interests of working people. Speaking to the vital issues of today and offering a clear alternative to the stale politics of the two-party system, it is no wonder that young people in larger and larger numbers are turning toward the campaign of Linda Jenness and Andrew Pulley. The Democratic and Republican Parties are going to spend over $100 . million this year to convince people that they really do have a choice if they vote for a Democrat or a Republican . Such a choice is superficial. Both the Democratic and Republican parties, who get 80% of their money from corpor- ations, businessmen and lawyers, are responsible for the war in Southeast Asia that has cost the American people

Supporters of the Socialist Workers Party campaign of Linda Jenness for President and Andrew Pulley for Vice President are forming a chapter of the Young Socialists for Jenness and Pulley at SUCB. This will be only one of the more than one hundred YSJP's ' across the country, that have sprung up in every major city and on many campuses and high schools. The response by young people all across the country, many of whom have just won the right to vote, to the campaign of Linda Jenness and Andrew Pulley indicates the depth of the radical- ization in this country and the level of disaffection with "traditional " politics. The Socialist Workers Party Campaign represents a sharp break with such "traditional" two-party politics, with the backroom manuevering, with the lies and w ill-rehersed promises, with the Madison Avenue type campaigns. The Socialist Workers Party Campaign doesn 't try to sell a phony bill of goods. It's the only campaign



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