It seems that if one wants to be an artist, one will have to leave the country , the society and in fact "escape" from its actions ; actions can be only insane and destructive .When Syed Iqbal Geoffrey was here this past Sunday night, he commented that the artist's biggest problem is the audience . One man had gone far enough to suggest the elimination of the audience . At the time I thought that such actions were entirely opposed to the idea of art as . communication , but if people are going to do things with someone else 's art-, someone's creation, some- one 's mind, why should they be allowed to "see " it?

come from the other world, the imagination, or else become treatises on social revolution. a What does ·one do with a work of art? do we 'Wmmediately apply it to the artist's life and con- clude that he either moral or immoral by what it . says? or is it how we think that makes something " dirty" ? The artist is not forcing it on you like a man attacking you in the streets or in your home . In fact , you'll probably never see the artist . " It is the spectator , and not life, that art really mirrors," said Oscar Wilde in the preface to The Picture of Dorian Grey. You find what you look for . That 's how the prosecutor could interpret simple words to mean something obscene in Bruce 's monologues .

The Boreshwazee and The Arts

getting fatter and pimplier and making herself feel better. She isn 't making me feel better. She is making me feel worse. I wouldn't want to fuck a fat thighschool girl with pimples and Hershey breath. I'd rather masturbate. That 's why I go to the Boreshwazee Art Gally on Sunday after- noons. I bet you 're thinking I am just as much a Boreshwazee as the spindly man and the Math teacher. Well, l 'm not. I don't own a car. I don't even have a driver's license. I have to walk to the Boreshwazee Art Gally every Sunday if I want to satisfy my masturbation fan- tasies. I go there to masturbate over Claes Oldenburg's soft hamburger. Cleas Olden- burg is anti-Boreshwazee. He makes giant soft hamburgers out of painted canvas that you can masturbate on. Oldenburg wants to bring back good old fashioned tactility to Art. None of this Boreshwazee Art that puts fur in your voice or bleaches your business hair white . Olden- burg wants you to touch it and touch it and touch it till you embarass tha horri- fied Boreshwazee couples who run over to the security guard, screaming hysteri- cally that someone is touching it in the Boreshwazee· Art Gally. Oldenburg be- lieves in the sexual revolution. He believes in soft hamburgers that pull the furs out · of middle-class ladies' voices and puts some color back into white business hair. He wants you to touch his hamburger and know it's for real. A for real soft hambur- ger made out of painted canvas. Not a phony, imitation dog meat MacDonald's hamburger but a real soft one. That's his object. He makes Object Art. The Boresh- wazee object to his soft hamburger. They would rather drool over Picabia thinking he is Picasso and beat-off in the lavatory. Oldenburg is making it with the real thing, a real soft canvas hamburger but


me. She is thinking about her pimples. Pimples are not aesthetic. Pimples are un- attractive. Pimples are anti-Boreshwazee. No self-respecting Boreshwazee man with white business hair would want to fuck her. He would rather have to keep combing his hair rather than fuck her in the backseat of his Buick. He would rather beat-off in the men's lavatory than fuck her. But its not because of her pimples that he is forced into self-abuse. It is because of economics. Statutory rape is bad for your business hair if you are caught. You loose everything if you are caught statutory raping her in the back- seat of your Buick. You lose your busi- ness. You lose your wife with fur in her voice. You loose your visiting priveledges to the Boreshwazee Art-Gally. You loose your white business hair. But her thigh- school Math teacher isn't afraid of statu- tory raping her in the back seat of his Mustang. Her thighschool Math teacher isn't afraid of pimples. He never looks at her face . He never looked at the pimply faces of other thighschool girls he has sta- tutory raped before, or the smooth busi- ness letter faces of the office secretaries he has fucked in the back seat of his Mus- tang, or the rough butch faces of dyke· prostitutes who have fucked him fot his thighschool salery. He never looks at their faces. He looks at their tits. But the thigh- school girl behind the Boreshwazee Art book counter doesn 't think about her tits. She thinks about her pimples. She is so nervous about her pimples she eats chocolate to make her feel good. She is

I read a letter recently about the Boreshwazee and the Arts. It wasn 't my letter : I neither sent it nor received it . I ad it. I should also make a point here. he point: I am not economically a mem- r of the Boreshwazee, though I like the Arts. I should also make another point here. Another point : I like the Arts so much, I am an artist. I even like myself. I do not like Boreshwazee Art, not what I think is Boreshwazee Art. I think any- thing that turns you into a fat mid- dle-class lady with furs in your voice is Boreshwazee. I think anything ,that turns you into a spindly old man at. forty-five with white business hair is Boreshwazee Art. Anything that brings you out to a white, anaesthetic Boreshwazee Art Gally on Sunday afternoon, that makes you wear fur in' your voice as you drool over Picabia thinking he is Picasso, that makes you neatly comb your white business hair each time it follows the law of gravity as you follow the lines of pantyhose up the legs of the thighschool girl Boreshwazee Art book and postcard counter cashier, anything that causes anyone or anytwo or anyomega of these things is Boreshwazee Art. I don 't like any of this. I don't like fur in women's voices. I don 't like neatly combed white business hair. I like the thighschool girl working at the Boreshwa- zee Art book and postcard counter. Just think about her. I am thinking about her. al can't write what I am thinking, how- ~er, because that would be indecent if not indecipherable. Oh! Oh! I am being Boreshwazee!) She isn't thinking about



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