a motorcycle around the ring. The chimps were sheer radicals, smashing up a set of drums, en masse, in an exhibition of ultea-violence. Then those two stacked chicks rolling around on giant balls. Sexual implications to say the least but still no pun intended. "Take if off Rosie. " I wish that guy would have a heart failure . There was a little guy on trampoline wearing a bra that lit up . And to think, parents were subjecting their kids to this perversion . Disgusting. Adele and Gory. A well built chick with a guy in a gorilla suit chasing her around . The gorilla eventually, you guessed it, jumped up into the audience. A girl whipping a guy in a gorilla suit. I think I read about that in Playboy once or twice. As far as I'm concerned a circus just isn't without elephants ·. The elephants came, bringing with them a smell familiar to all circuses. They did some stuff of which I had been unconscious. Really, they wouldn 't have had to do anything at all. Their very magnitude was impressive enough. The circus ended as it had inconspicuously began. It was all over for the night. All that was left were empty popcorn boxes, smashed balloons and other symbols of the abrupt import the circus had suggested. The big top had been missing and a feeling of nostalgia which I had been expecting any minute never arrived. And yet, there was still a sense of enjoyment within me . The circus had gone for three hours, longer than a Jethro Tull concert. It wasn't the same as it had been years ago. Perhaps all this "higher learning" we receive just stifles our ability to enjoy a timeless ritual. I would assume that most people would expect me to end my review saying, "Life is a circus" or something absurd like that. I won't do that. Instead I'll say I had one hell of a tim-i at the circus.



Hey. Let's go the circus. Haven't been to one of those in years. Or have I? We're all kids at heart, so why not? It seems asking a lot from any type of showing to_fill you with any kind of a spirit, or to place you in any kind of a mood, five blocks away from kiddiedom , I had my doubts as I walked into Memorial Auditorium, Thursday night with the rest of the kids . Now the aud, well the aud smells of beer, Buffalo Braves sweat and overheated amplifiers. My desire to smell cotton candy , peanuts and hot dogs would have to put away for some other time , The Shrine Circus. I couldn't quite figure out what shrines had to do with the whole thing. I had to stop thinking, The music started. As "Welcome to the Circus" was being played by an oldie version of Chicago all brass, no balls, the physically handicapped folks were being wheeled in. Sickening or what. I looked to see if this was in the program. Too late - or that. The performers began to parade W>ut, If the circus was a good as the archi- tectute of the female performers, it was going to be one hell of a show. "Take it off Rosie," some jerk behind me kept shouting. He was an older kid. Alright, so what's first eh? Indian Prince Zecca, who will perform an amazing tribal ritual guar- anteed to make you intensely aware of the entire show to come. Okay. I'll be- lieve anything tonight He climbed up to the top of the ladder and somersaulted down into an inflatable tom-tom of huge proportions below. Brave. Huh? Oh well, the tigers were good. Yeah, the guywalksinto the cage, I swear he was some giant sadist, and kicked around the tiger for a while. The tigers put on a facade of fierceness, but all in all, they were only too happy to please us. They were part of the act. Let's see, what's next? The Jordans on an upside down uni-cycle. Fair. Oh yeah, the clowns. The clowns were definite symbols of revolt against an oppression of humor in our great country. They per- formed admirably. Unfortunately, they weren't on too long. They promised to come back out later. Everything blacked out for a while. I was thinking again. Whats this? Dogs & laying basket-ball? Yeah, that's what it ,arooked like. It could be the Braves. No, too small. Actually the act consisted of a bunch of dogs chasing around a balloon

and trying to tip it up with their pheno- menal leaps into three foot tall baskets, one at each end of the ring. The act was going great but the dogs ran out of balloons to bust. Another act, and then intermission. I left my seat, went out and bought a hot dog, a giant balloon for my kid-sister, and a space gun that shot sparks which I constantly played with during the rest of the show. All right, its starting again . The trapeze people. Hooray for the trapeze people. They were just great. They floated through the air with the greatest of ease, those daring young . .. and then they scared the hell out of everybody when they fell into the nets after floating in the air for what seemed like hours, free of trapeze. Why did politics have to influence the show? The three rings were occupied by seals, chimpanzees and a bear . The seals were very conservative in their act. They just honked some horns and balanced in- flated balls on their noses. The bear took · a more· liberal stance as he recklessly roda



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