and now .... Syed Iqbal Geoffrey sent engraved invitations to the elite of Boston three years ago, inviting them to a showing. When they arrived, they were required to pay $1 admission fee. Nothing else would be accepted, not checks or anything lar~rthan a dollar bill. People ended up borrowing from their chauffeurs. All the money was placed in a box. Geoffrey arrived about an hour later and told the crowd, you all think of art as an investment, in the hour your investment has doubled, take two dollars and leave. No one left. Take as much as you wish but please leave. Still no one left. Geoffrey took the box, ignited the money and fried himself an egg for an egg sandwich, which he consumed in front of the crowd. He then left the gallery. The next day , the same people talked about what a fantastic "thing" had happened. Geoffrey will be having a one-man show at the Everson Art Museum in Syracuse in June. His book, Art Since World War II , should soon be available. This past Sunday night he gave a lecture on "Of Concepts + Off Art --- Yesterday and Day After Tomorrow." The following is Wendy Hughes' reactions to that lecture and to the man. Geoffrey is under consideration for next year 's ar- tist-in-residence.

Syed Iqbal Geoffrey, candidate for artist- in-residence, at his lecture with a friend.


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