Perhaps the most interesting part of the Seals and Crofts concert last Friday evening at Kleinhans was trying to figure out who they sounded like. This is not to say that it wasn 't a good concert or that they aren't a good group. The songs though all original just sounded all too familiar • like we had heard them somewhere before done by one of the "supergroups, " but couldn 't name which group it was. The vocal style of Seals and Crofts is hard to label. It ranged from sweet sounds reminescent of Don and Phil Everly to foot stomping, hand clapping, hoe-down music of Ramblin ' Jack Elliott at a country jamboree. Maybe the latter was the concert 's redeeming factor . When Jimmy Seals and Dash Crofts started to work out a down-home country fiddlin ' song, feet began stomping and hands were clapping. The crowd knew that this was what they had come for and they enjoyed it; clapping, singing and doing the do -see -do up and down Kleinhans hollowed aisles. Jimmy and Dash were happy about the crowd's response and they saved a fantastic set of their "hog l rng" music for the encore . n contrast to their home-style ._ ntry music , Seals and Crofts settled into some deeply religious pieces that they have written about their Baha'i faith . Basically the Baha 'i faith accepts all other religions and recognizes that they all have a common root for their separate beliefs. The audience was uncommonly quiet when they talked about their religion • possibly this may have been out of respect but I think it more out of boredom. When they did a song called the Purple Hand, Dash explained that they wrote it about a day when all the wars will end and we can live in peace. The audience reaction to this was kind of an exasperated sigh telling Seals and Crofts that thye had heard hundreds of songs about the same thing before. But somehow through it all, with lyrics both good and bad, and endings mostly sounding the same, Seals and Crofts come back to the fiddlin' hoe-down music and brought the crowd to its feet. Promenading up and down the aisles and screaming for more; the crowd was more than pleased. The applause for Seals and Crofts at the end of the performance was well deserved, to say the least . They showed an outstanding ability • through all their faults they could - some "goodtime" music and leave tnt, audience with the feeling of just that• a good time .

Top: Mount Sinai Young Adult Gospel Choir; Below: Marilyn Berger as they appeared at the Coming of Spring Music Festi val.

Seals and Crofts in concert.



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