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WOMEN IN THE ARTS SYMPOSIUM/FESTIVAL APRIL 21-30 1972 FRIDAY 21 APRIL 8 p.m. Opening Address, PAT MAINARD!, painter. "Is There a Feminine Aesthetic?" Ms. Mainardi is the editor of Women and Art, recently showing at Green Mountain Gallery.


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Social Hall, Student Union


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MARJORIE DEFAZIO - poet and playwrite, co-ordi- nator of the Women's Interart Center of New York, writer and director for film, TV and the stage in NYC. With Anne Brady, compiled and edited a volume of women's poetry, Raising Our Voices, Wo- men Up Through the Ages.

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SATURDAY 22 APRIL 8 p.m. Speaker is ANSELMA DELL'OLIO - "A Femi- nine Aesthetic" Associate producer of CBS show "Women". A feminist program directed to women in the home; co-founder New Feminist Theatre; author director. Social Hall, Student Union


TUESDAY 25 APR IL 8:30 p.m. Folk Concert. TERRY BER - story teller and propagandist for new life styles and humane action. She sings her own songs, self-accompanied on a variety of instruments including the 12 string guitar, auto-harp and dulcimer. Fireside Lounge, Student Union

SUNDAY 23 APR IL Poetry Reading DIANE WAKOSKI Author Coins & "1/iir;>ffins; Discrepancies & Apparitions; The George W ashington Poems; Greed, Parts I and II; The Diamond Merchant; Inside the Blood Factory and several other books of poetry.


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