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Strait staff: I'm writing about "Kollege Komix. " I have sat back and smoldered long enough over this disgusting piece of shit. It would be easy to dismiss it as meaningless drivel, but it is not harmless, it is down- right degrading. To say this feature insults "a few delicate egos" (as Dick Manning so cheerfully says in Strait) is to ignore the fact that this feature in- sults all women . You say I have no sense of humor , Andy Elston, and about this kind of junk you are abso- lutely right. I don't think it's at all funny to see the women's movement treated as a trivial matter con- sisting only of "bra-burnings." I don't think there's a thing to laugh at when I see a frame in the "komix" showing two tits (that is not my word of choice, but it is the work conveyed by the picture) and no head. That is supposed to represent WOMEN? Hardly! The women who appear in the "komix" are not allowed to express them- selves--their worth lies only in their bodies . Well, the fact is that women are getting sick of this attitude and a lot of us are struggling to break out of these bonds . The only way Dick Manning can relate to the women 's movement is to poke fun at com- pletely trivial aspects of it.

It 's so easy for you to condemn oppression ·of people in Pakistan, or oppression of prisoners, blacks, and Indians in this country. You white, middle class student editors don't need to confront these issues because these problems are not a central part of your lives. But the degradation and op- pression (both obvious and subtle) of women goes on all around you, and as a result of you . And that fact you will not deal with or even admit. The entire comic strip is not only totally with- out humor, it is also insulting to women . And not all of us who are ipsulted are involved in the women's movement, either. Publishing this so-called "comic" shows that the editors of Strait are willing to let this destructive viewpoint appear, and also shows their absolute refusal to deal with the issues involved. I, for one, am disgusted. By the way, the prevalent idea of the "cas- trating bitch" is something I can manage to laugh at . A man 's cock and balls are hardly at fault. Lo- botomy would be more to the point, but even l would not go that far.

Katen Anderson




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