A Sleeping

Tragedy As the inmates at Attica began their revolt, reserve staffs of military ,medical and assistance personnel from across the state were called upon to stand by for possible emergency service. Among these were National Guardsmen in Buffalo units, including several students at Buffalo State . John and Bill - assumed names to protect them from legal or extra-legal harrassment - are medics who were dispatched to Attica on 13 September at different times. They were witness to many of the incidents which were reported at the time and to others which never hit the papers. Their comments are both frightening and en- lightening. . The photos which accompany the interview were taken by a fellow Guardsman with a contraband Instamatic camera .

sTRAIT : When did you get to Attica and what did you see as you arrived? JOHN ; My unit left the armory around 4:00 in the morning and went down to a place down around Attica, about twelve or fifteen miles away. The whole thing was planned so that when they stormed the place we left from where we were, driving about three miles per hour all the way. It was all perfectly timed so that we would get there just at the last few nin- utes of the shooting. At one point right outside the gates, we sped up real quick - there was a trooper car at the



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