The thing that got me was the whole attitude of the troopers . They didn't give a shit about the inmates.

front of the line that was leading the convoy in . I assumed that he was in radio contact with everyone. At the last possible moment we came racing in. , You could still hear shots and the helicopter was going over telling the prisoners to drop their weapons and lay down on the ground. Then we started going in two at a time with stretchers to pull people out. The first we took out were the hostages. There were, I think, eight of them. Then we went in for the prisoners. The first five minutes in there were total confusion. For me, the experience was...well, I can 't even explain it. I've never had any- thing to compare with the experience of A that. There was a lot of gas and every- • • one had masks on. For me the mask was like a shield that kept me away from everything that was going on. It was like a detachment. I can't understand how I did things. The thing that got me was the whole attitude of the troopers. There was so much hate there, just so much racism and they didn't give a shit about the inmates. There would be guys really shot up bad and they'd go over to them and kick them and say,"Here, take this," or "Here, leave that fucker, let him die." They made the prisoners crawl along in the mud. They were all stripped and lying face-down in the mud.They kept having them move up real close to each other so that one guy's head was up tight between the next guy's legs and they kept them inoving like this sliding along in the mud. We spent most of the morning taking people out and then later went over to the hospital. From the door of the cell- block over to the hospital there was a solid line of guardsmen with their rifles in the air.Solitary and the ho~ital were right next door to each other and so a this gauntlet acted as a means of getting W people to solitary and the hospital. The - poeple we took to the hospital were

- •-- -------- STRAIT 23 MARCH 1 972


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