AMS Titan Series Adaptable Systems Catalog

Titan Shelf Kit Titan shelving come in four different styles. There are Bookend (B), Inverted (U), Seismic Rod (SR), and Inner (1). The shelves will fit in any Titan Core, Titan Box Frames, Titan Work Benches, and Titan Mobile Carts. Kit widths should match the width of the unit it is paired with. Standard depth kits Shelves are the same depth as brackets and set with flush mount uprights. Extended depth kits shelves are deeper than the brackets and extended to the back. We offer 1”, 3”, and 6” extended shelf kits.


Bracket Depth

Example: TSK-1248-12B

Titan Shelf Kit


Bracket Style


Width 12” Brackets 14” Brackets 16” Brackets 18” Brackets 24” TSK-1224-12B TSK-1424-14B TSK-1624-16B TSK-1824-18B 30" TSK-1230-12B TSK-1430-14B TSK-1630-16B TSK-1830-18B 36" TSK-1236-12B TSK-1436-14B TSK-1636-16B TSK-1836-18B 42" TSK-1242-12B TSK-1442-14B TSK-1642-16B TSK-1842-18B 48" TSK-1248-12B TSK-1448-14B TSK-1648-16B TSK-1848-18B 54” TSK-1254-12B TSK-1454-14B TSK-1654-16B TSK-1854-18B 60” TSK-1260-12B TSK-1460-14B TSK-1660-16B TSK-1860-18B 66” TSK-1266-12B TSK-1466-14B TSK-1666-16B TSK-1866-18B 72” TSK-1272-12B TSK-1472-14B TSK-1672-16B TSK-1872-18B 18” Brackets 24” TSK-1224-12SR TSK-1424-14SR TSK-1624-16SR TSK-1824-18SR 30" TSK-1230-12SR TSK-1430-14SR TSK-1630-16SR TSK-1830-18SR 36" TSK-1236-12SR TSK-1436-14SR TSK-1636-16SR TSK-1836-18SR 42" TSK-1242-12SR TSK-1442-14SR TSK-1642-16SR TSK-1842-18SR 48" TSK-1248-12SR TSK-1448-14SR TSK-1648-16SR TSK-1848-18SR 54” TSK-1254-12SR TSK-1454-14SR TSK-1654-16SR TSK-1854-18SR 60” TSK-1260-12SR TSK-1460-14SR TSK-1660-16SR TSK-1860-18SR 66” TSK-1266-12SR TSK-1466-14SR TSK-1666-16SR TSK-1866-18SR 72” TSK-1272-12SR TSK-1472-14SR TSK-1672-16SR TSK-1872-18SR Width 12” Brackets 14” Brackets 16” Brackets 18” Brackets 24” TSK-1224-12U TSK-1424-14U TSK-1624-16U TSK-1824-18U 30" TSK-1230-12U TSK-1430-14U TSK-1630-16U TSK-1830-18U 36" TSK-1236-12U TSK-1436-14U TSK-1636-16U TSK-1836-18U 42" TSK-1242-12U TSK-1442-14U TSK-1642-16U TSK-1842-18U 48" TSK-1248-12U TSK-1448-14U TSK-1648-16U TSK-1848-18U 54” TSK-1254-12U TSK-1454-14U TSK-1654-16U TSK-1854-18U 60” TSK-1260-12U TSK-1460-14U TSK-1660-16U TSK-1860-18U 66” TSK-1266-12U TSK-1466-14U TSK-1666-16U TSK-1866-18U 72” TSK-1272-12U TSK-1472-14U TSK-1672-16U TSK-1872-18U Width 12” Brackets 14” Brackets 16” Brackets

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