AMS Titan Series Adaptable Systems Catalog

Cantilever Table Frame Cantilever table frames are an essential component setting a Titan configuration in your lab. The frames are constructed in 14 gauge steel, come in two different styles. Structural cantilever table and cantilever table. Both tables will support up to 800lbs loaded evenly. The structural support table frames (SCTF) attach directly to the core, allowing it to support the Island or wall cores. This setup is ideal when cores cannot be anchored to the floor. The table has a fixed height of 29” or 35”. The cantilever table frames (CTF) attach directly to the bolted core and is adjustable in one inch increments. Both frames can support suspended cabinets.



E = Epoxy Top P = Phenolic Top N = No Top

Structural Cantilever Table Frame

Cantilever Table

Frame Depth


Example: CTF-4830-E

Example: SCTF-483035-E

E = Epoxy Top P = Phenolic Top N = No Top





Width Item Number Item Number 24" SCTF-242429-N SCTF-242435-N SCTF-243029-N SCTF-243035-N 30" SCTF-302429-N SCTF-302435-N SCTF-303029-N SCTF-303035-N 36" SCTF-362429-N SCTF-362435-N SCTF-363029-N SCTF-363035-N 42" SCTF-422429-N SCTF-422435-N SCTF-423029-N SCTF-423035-N 48" SCTF-482429-N SCTF-482435-N SCTF-483029-N SCTF-483035-N 54" SCTF-542429-N SCTF-542435-N SCTF-543029-N SCTF-543035-N 60" SCTF-602429-N SCTF-602435-N SCTF-603029-N SCTF-603035-N 66" SCTF-662429-N SCTF-662435-N SCTF-663029-N SCTF-663035-N 72" SCTF-722429-N SCTF-722435-N SCTF-723029-N SCTF-723035-N Item Number Item Number

SCTF-363035-N Shown

SCTF-363035-E Shown With Epoxy Top


Width Item Number Item Number 24” CTF-2424-N CTF-2430-N 30" CTF-3024-N CTF-3030-N 36" CTF-3624-N CTF-3630-N 42" CTF-4224-N CTF-4230-N 48" CTF-4824-N CTF-4830-N 54” CTF-5424-N CTF-5430-N 60” CTF-6024-N CTF-6030-N 66” CTF-6624-N CTF-6630-N 72” CTF-7224-N CTF-7230-N

CTF-3630-N Shown

CTF-3630-E Shown With Epoxy Top

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