AMS Titan Series Adaptable Systems Catalog

Wall Standards Wall standards are the least expensive way to install shelving for a wall. It requires full proper blocking along the whole standard to assure they able to hold the weight on the shelves.

Mechanical Tub Standard

Example: MTS1136



Height Item Number 24” MTS1124 30” MTS1130 36” MTS1136 42” MTS1142 48” MTS1148 72” MTS1172

*Standards accommo- date two brackets


Width 12” Brackets 14” Brackets 16” Brackets 24” WSK-1224-12B WSK-1424-14B WSK-1624-16B 30" WSK-1230-12B WSK-1430-14B WSK-1630-16B 36" WSK-1236-12B WSK-1436-14B WSK-1636-16B 42" WSK-1242-12B WSK-1442-14B WSK-1642-16B 48" WSK-1248-12B WSK-1448-14B WSK-1648-16B 54” WSK-1254-12B WSK-1454-14B WSK-1654-16B 60” WSK-1260-12B WSK-1460-14B WSK-1660-16B 66” WSK-1266-12B WSK-1466-14B WSK-1666-16B 72” WSK-1272-12B WSK-1472-14B WSK-1672-16B

Bracket Type Options For Kits B = Bookend U = Inverted (under) SR = Seismic Rod (rod included)


* Only use with wall standards.

Width 12” Brackets 14” Brackets 16” Brackets 24” WSK-1324-12B WSK-1524-14B WSK-1724-16B 30" WSK-1330-12B WSK-1530-14B WSK-1730-16B 36" WSK-1336-12B WSK-1536-14B WSK-1736-16B 42" WSK-1342-12B WSK-1542-14B WSK-1742-16B 48" WSK-1348-12B WSK-1548-14B WSK-1748-16B 54” WSK-1354-12B WSK-1554-14B WSK-1754-16B 60” WSK-1360-12B WSK-1560-14B WSK-1760-16B 66” WSK-1366-12B WSK-1566-14B WSK-1766-16B 72” WSK-1372-12B WSK-1572-14B WSK-1772-16B

Shelf Depth (Bracket depth + 1 inch) 1” EXT. Titan Shelf Kits


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