AMS Titan Series Adaptable Systems Catalog

Titan Work Bench - Double-Sided Titan Work Bench (TWB) gives the maximum flexibility for configuring your lab. Wall and island configurations can be readily created and easily changed as well as moved for new applications or changing space. Can be used in conjunction with suspended and mobile. Standard tables are 36” high and 30” deep. Adjustable height units range from 30–36” high. They can be fixed or adjustable in height. In this model you can have leveling feet or casters installed. The table will support up to 1,000lbs. Order WB shelving separately. Shelf brackets are adjustable in 1” increments to allow for multiple configurations. Standard shelves are 12” or 16” deep. 48"


Services: (Services must be same on each post) 1, 2, 3 Number of Services (max 3)

Titan Work Bench Double Sided

P = Plumbing E = Electrical D = Data



Left Post Right Post

Example: TWBDS-AL4230-3E-3P-N

N= No Top E = Epoxy Top P = Phenolic Top

A = Adjustable Height S = Stationary (Fixed Height)

L = Leveler Feet C = 250# Locking Casters H = 550# Leveling Casters



Item Number 30” TWBDS-AL3030-3E-3P-E 36" TWBDS-AL3630-3E-3P-E 42" TWBDS-AL4230-3E-3P-E 48" TWBDS-AL4830-3E-3P-E 54" TWBDS-AL5430-3E-3P-E 60” TWBDS-AL6030-3E-3P-E 66” TWBDS-AL6630-3E-3P-E 72” TWBDS-AL7230-3E-3P-E

We can provide one service per post: Plumbing: up to 3 lines

Electric: up to 3 GFI’s Data: 2 or 4 data ports

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