Q&A WHICH EVERBRIDGE PRODUCTS ARE YOU USING? We are using a range of Everbridge products including the mass notification system and ContactBridge – the smartphone application. By deploying a diverse range of products, we are confident we can communicate with staff members in every circumstance. We use the Everbridge platform for all of our crisis communications. For example, on Thursday 9th April 2015, I arrived at our London office at 7.30am to find there had been a complete power outage. This meant we had no telephone lines or computers, so I had to rely entirely on messaging and managing the incident through my phone. While the other eight UK offices had power, all of our IT servers are in London, so the impact was severe across all nine offices. Our business continuity team faced a monumental challenge. HOW DID EVERBRIDGE ASSIST DURING THIS CRISIS? We assessed the situation and got the first text message out to all staff members within 15 minutes via the Everbridge app. Working alongside our power supplier EDF, we sent four hourly updates and used Everbridge’s emergency alerting to send everyone home from the regional offices, where they had been working on manual tasks. At 5pm power was restored but we were not able to restore IT until lunchtime the next day when we messaged staff to inform them. with Sarah Draper , HRDirector, Gerald Eve WHAT SORT OF INCIDENTS DO YOU USE THE EVERBRIDGE PLATFORM FOR?

WHAT FEEDBACK HAVE YOU HAD FROM YOUR USERS? The power outage was a potentially chaotic situation but it was managed exceptionally well thanks to Everbridge. The feedback from staff and management was that communication was extremely good. Efficient communication across all nine offices meant we could limit any damage to Gerald Eve’s reputation and revenues. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING THE EVERBRIDGE PLATFORM? During the power outage I relied entirely on the Everbridge App to manage the incident and monitor responses – it worked perfectly. With no power, no IT and no telephones, Everbridge enabled us to maintain 100% staff communication throughout the crisis; it worked exactly as we wanted it to. Everbridge’s multi-modal functionality was a huge benefit to ensure the messages reached our staff members even when their laptops and desk telephones were unavailable. There were only seven individuals we could not contact and this was only because they had not updated their new mobile numbers on the system. They contacted me directly, and I was able to forward messages to them until the HR system was updated. By Monday morning, IT was fully operational and it was business as usual for the 400 staff at Gerald Eve. We could not be happier with the result.

About Everbridge Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), is a global software company that provides critical communications and enterprise safety applications that enable customers to automate and accelerate the process of keeping people safe and businesses running during critical events. Everbridge is based in Boston and Los Angeles with additional offices in San Francisco, Beijing and London.


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