Flexible Setting

Flexible Setting

Alternative working postures to allow children to move and to easily remain attentive.

An exceptional range of products to encourage: — Learning — Cooperation — Sharing

Learning, Cooperation and Sharing

What The concept behind Flexible Setting consists of organizing a room in order to offer alternative working postures, which will promote better learning. This concept has been encouraged for quite some time by several occupational therapists and pediatric health professionals. Its implementation in the school environment is increasing in popularity. Why Several studies mention the benefits of Flexible Setting which allows children to move, develop self-regulation and prolong periods of concentration. How Here are a few images to inspire you to create work spaces for writing, reading, relaxing or stimulating gross motor skills. Whether it’s with adjustable tables, ensuring good stability for writing or drawing activities, chairs or ergonomic stools or gross motor skills products that are easily adaptable in a classroom. Who

Giant Activity Dice In a flexible setting environment, this giant activity dice will complement a reading corner. Covered with a dense, robust vinyl, it is firm and can hold the weight of a child or an adult.


Disc ‘O’ Sit These dynamic, inflatable cushions help to improve the attention span sitting on a chair thanks to the movement they allow. Can be used for exercises or play on the ground.

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Rocking Stools These stools feature a slightly rounded black rubber bottom to prevent slipping, while allowing users to gently rock. By offering a wider range of sensory and motion input, this “active sitting” is helpful for decreasing fidgeting and increasing awareness. As an added benefit, it strengthens the muscles that support the spine.

2009199 • 2009207 • 2009215 • 2096642

Sit’N Gym Balls Encourages dynamic sitting through gentle core body movements that improve blood circulation, increasing attention span and ability to learn. Has little “feet”, to prevent it from moving or rolling when used as a sitting ball. Soft, comfortable, durable and resistant.

Children, adolescents and adults alike retain the same benefits.

Where In class, at the library, at daycare, at day camp or at home!

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Ball Chair This very comfortable and stable chair helps the child maintain a good posture. The chair is made of a molded plastic shell with a backrest. The very sturdy vinyl ball stays in place in the seat cavity. The chair is mounted on solid wheels with a blocking mechanism.

2101335 • 2101343

Reading and Relaxation

Five principles to abide by for a reading corner that will succeed with children: Comfort, Ambiance, Accessibility, Pleasing Presentation and Variety.

Pear Bean Bag

Rest Mat Small gymnastics mat that can also be used for relaxation. Convenient handles. Highly resistant and washable. Complies with the new standards.

Monoblock Comfort Chair

Cocoon Cushion Seat

Velvet weighted activity cushion

Kia Rocking Chair Transform your classic

reading or welcome area into a fun and relaxing space! Metal reinforced back and structure. Antifall, foam system for safer rocking. High density foam (24 kg/m 3 ) seat and back does not sag or droop.

This inviting bean bag chair is made of vinyl that is soft to the touch, resistant and very comfortable. It perfectly moulds to the shape of the child. Ideal for relaxation, reading and quiet play.

Perfect for the reading corner, this ergonomic seat is made for outdoor as well as indoor use. The monoblock construc- tion makes it sturdy and stable. The removable foam seat is fixed with 2 large velcro fasteners. Simply wash with water.

Irresistible seat in bright colours, ideal for relaxing, reading and playing quietly. Conforms to the body’s shape for added comfort. Removable cover, washable in cold water.

Those weighted activity cushions sit on the child’s thighs and provide a soothing deep pressure and proprioceptive feedback. The bottom side is made of imitation suede fabric and features 2 pockets.

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Maze balancing board Board that encourages children to develop their balance, coordination and laterality.

Bilibo This versatile shell, praised for its impeccable design, is also a comfortable seat, stepping stone, tortoise shell, doll cradle, helmet with eyeholes, top, drum and bowl where children can sit to spin and keep their balance.

Koala Sit, rock and rotate like a carousel. Turn it upside down, to crawl under. Combine 2 or more to create a giant sphere or a play tunnel. A moulding prevents children from falling out or jamming their fingers.

Whally Board Curved game board on which children balance, standing or sitting, and develop balance skills. Turned on the other side, the board becomes a textured bridge to cross and help develop various gross motor skills.

Peanut-shaped balls Children love to straddle these large peanut-shaped balls, or gently rock back and forth, while lying on awareness and balancing skills, provides sensory stimulation, sparks com- munication and induces relaxation. Comes with an exercise booklet. their back or stomach. Ideal to develop body

Mini Trampoline Ultra-sturdy mini trampoline with a tubular steel frame, reinforced springing elastics and nylon padded skirt to stand the test of time. The foam covered handle provides a good grip and promotes healthy exercise and good posture.




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Stimulation and Awakening of the Senses

Awaken the senses for an optimal environment for concentration with these products! They are light and compact, ideal for use in a classroom.

Together to learn, create and play!

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