Altitude Physical Therapy - March 2020

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MARCH 2020


“The first time I came to Altitude PT, I could not walk without help. I had to have someone transport me back and forth because I could not drive. I am currently 87 years old, and I'm shooting for 100. The second time I arrived on the steps of Altitude PT was because I was recovering from a serious blood disease that kept me from doing my home follow-up exercises. The third time was more recent, and again, I was kept from doing my homework and fell behind even though I was still in PT because I lost my wife of 65 years, and my mental state did not allow me to concentrate on my own well-being. “At this writing, I am doing well again, and every day, I do my home exercises. I thank Sean, Elizabeth, Dan, Kenny, Cheri, Savanna, and Bourbon. They and several other students are the real heroes in my book. I urge you to keep up with whatever work you need to do to keep yourself healthy. If you can maintain your physical well-being, your mental state will follow. “Yes, Sean, you can look at the patients as heroes, and I submit that if it were not for the staff, the patients

Every day, I’m amazed by the resilience and dedication our patients show while getting better. They take steps toward healing and getting back to the activities they enjoy and the life they want to lead. I’ve written in the past about the fact that our patients are the true heroes of our practice. Well, one of our patients has a different take on it. Recently, we received a moving message from a patient who has become a friend to all of us at Altitude Physical Therapy. Forrest "Milton" Holmes has had to overcome what would feel like insurmountable obstacles to many. He’s done it with courage and grace, and we wanted to share his journey with you, as he’s shared it in his own words: “A couple of issues ago, Sean wrote that ‘the patients were the heroes’ and I would submit to you, readers of The Ascent, that the staff members are equally heroes. “I can personally testify that the staff have brought me back from sure disaster at least three times.

would not be such heroes. Keep up the good work all of you heroes, both patients and staff.”

–Forrest "Milton" Holmes

Milton, you said it best. I hope you all feel inspired and motivated by his message and take it to heart this month as you work towards becoming the best version of yourself, mentally and physically.

–Sean Weatherston 1 (208) 454-9839

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