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issue no 43 | feb 2012

continued from previous page | PROFICIENT PROCESS AND PEOPLE MANAGEMENT FOR SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS : Sukumar M. Shah time. A completed project gives birth to various new projects; these new projects also have clearly defined goals/objectives and may be managed by same or different teams.




The other challenges faced are: Team building

Effective two way communication Optimum utilization of resources Placing the right person in the right sub-project and task

Shantanu Bhamare is an MBA in Project Management Professional (PMP) certified by Project Manage- ment Institute (PMI),USA.He is a Bachelor of Engineering in Computers fromPune.He has over 21 years of professional experience in the IT industry on software projects enabling a wide variety of domains such as e-commerce,CRMandTelecom.

Effective monitoring of time and money Cultural shift and behavioural change Managing the change

Overcoming challenges - Unique ways Divide the projects into sub-projects and further into activities




In the current changing scenario and global working environment, most often we have to manage multi-location teams whether we like it or not. This helps us remain competitive over others.




In this article we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about multi- location teams: Why this occurs? Some of the reasons are as below: Big project Infrastructure issues at the current location Non availability of skill sets at the current location Number of people required are not available Part of the project is given to a third party vendor In a project there is more than one vendor

Effective delegation with authority to people Having a project plan with respect to sub-projects in place Scheduling all the activities very meticulously Making every person responsible for his/her task Placing activities on time scale Maintaining time buffer not for the minor activities and sub-projects but only for the main project to avoid time overrun of the project Axioms of a successful project Feedback and feedforward – Closely reviewing at defined frequency Identifying and training non-performing team members Acknowledging and encouraging successful performers A leader who administers the crux of people management Knowing your team and their competencies well Optimum utilization of given resources while managing time and money serves the critical path for a superior project.

Types of multi-location teams

Team Member Project Manager

Group of Team Project Manager Members

Manager at one location and all other team members are at different locations like a spider shape as shown in the picture

Manager at one location and group of team members at more than one location like a butterfly shape as shown in the picture

Manager and some of the team members at one location and all the other team members are at different locations like a wasp shape as shown in the picture.

Project Manger & some of the Team Members

Team Member

The rules of multi-location team There should be a clear purpose and focus. If you don’t have this, it does not help you get the job done Unless all the participants have worked together before, you will have to allow time to get to know each other

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