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KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter issue no 43 | feb 2012




MANAGINGA MULTI-LOCATIONTEAM Shantanu Bhamare broadens the understanding

What is a project? - His perspective A project is a series of activities backed up with strong objectives and resources with a defined timeline. Interestingly, he compares project management to a wedding event, where managing different aspects of that event, is just like managing different stages of a project. He opines about dissecting the project into minor activities to successfully achieve the set goals. Many projects fail because of the simplest of causes. You don’t have to be a genius to deliver a project on time, nor do you have to be steeped in a transcendent project management methodology to be a project manager. All you need is, to focus on three main resources - time, quality and budget. If you can’t state the aim of your project in a simple and understandable objective, then it’s probably not a project. Challenges faced in handling projects The major challenge faced by project manager is managing the project using the critical path with optimum utilization of resources in the given Sukumar M.Shah shares his experience in the field of project management in conversation with the editorial teamof Knowledge Beans.Mr.Shah is a passionate Mechanical Engineer with an extensive experience of 30 years inmarketing and operations at senior management level in auto component industry.He currently holds the position of Director - Operations at KSPG Automotive India Private Ltd. PROFICIENTPROCESSAND PEOPLEMANAGEMENTFOR SUCCESSFULPROJECTS ODCONNOISSEUR’SORATE SukumarM. Shah


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Shubhangi Bhosale , Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is an enthusiastic Human Resource professional with 2 years of experience in the field of Training and Development,AssessmentCentre,EmployeeEngagementandOrganizationDevelopment.She is an avid researcher, writer and has undertaken various research projects with companies like TataMotors, Mercedes Benz and Sansera Engineering. Projects are undertakings that have a fixed beginning and an end. A project is an evolution of effectual defining, planning, implementing and completing of identified processes. Changes will occur while the project is under–way. But managing these changes through effective documentation of schedule and budget is the key for successful projects. A winning project is a product of matching up with the set expectations, targets and cost limits. Ankita Velankar – Trainee Consultant - Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, has completed her Masters in Business Administration and has majored in Human Resource Management. Her wonderful interpersonal skills help her in creating quality relations and enhance her learnings in the field of training and development. She is highly passionate about learning languages, teaching and dancing. Share with us your views and opinions on the theme – “CSR – A step towards empow- ering society through corporate engagement!” Do send us a 300 word article sharing your views and opinions on the theme, along with your photograph in jpeg format and brief profile.

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