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Some of the new opportunities for growth at Transportation Insight include:

Client Development Associate, Client Development (Hickory, NC) Corporate Account Manager Client Services (Remote - Charlotte, NC) Implementations Project Manager (Hickory, NC)

For more growth opportunities, please visit the Careers Page on the Transportation Insight website or contact Chrissy Sherrill at .


David Spivey – Operations Specialist (HKY) David is originally from Greensboro, NC. He was in the first graduating class from East Burke High School. He continued his education at DeVry Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, obtaining an associate’s degree in Electronics Technology. David and his wife Rita have two adult children and a dog named Levi. His hobbies include singing, traveling, volunteering and spending time with his wife.

Joel Sandmeyer – Processing Assistant (OPKC) Joel was born and raised in Kansas City. He enjoys anything that involves outdoors: camping, hiking, snowboarding, canoeing. He also loves the Chiefs, Royals and sports! Joel earned his bachelor’s degree from University of Kansas.

Adam Makar – Business Analyst (OPKC) Adam is a spring 2018 graduate from University of Kansas. He has an English Bulldog, and he and his girlfriend look to add a guinea pig in the near future. Adam likes most of the professional sports teams from his hometown of Chicago, but NOT the Cubs. Adam recently visited Puerto Rico and fell in love! Puerto Rico is where his mother’s family is from originally.


Associate donations of time and gifts were an expression of your caring and represent an investment in the future of our local communities. Because of your commitment, local charity-

supported programs received help to provide families across our TI nation the gift of Christmas blessings and memories. The value of your efforts to these programs and to the people who received on your giving cannot possibly be measured but are certainly appreciated. We thank all who donated toys and money for the different Salvation Army campaigns this year. Without your generosity and support, we could not provide hundreds of toys and clothes for children. Again, thank you very much for your support and kindness.

To learn more about The Salvation Army click here .

Cookies with Santa is an annual event celebrated on our corporate campus for employees to bring their little ones to meet the man himself, SANTA! The jolly old fella told stories of reindeer games and took meticulous notes about wish lists.

Our Hickory campus reached 75 children with Christmas goodies!

If you would like to be a part of Service in Action, please go to to learn how you can volunteer.


Tasha Helton (NC)

1/2 1/2

Michael Wray (NC)

1/13 1/13 1/15 1/15 1/17 1/17 1/19 1/20

Rebecca Messer (NC) Christina Wilcox (NE) 1/25 Beau Hildebrand (NC) 1/25 Serena Rodriguez (NC) 1/26 Derek Noble (NC) 1/27 Don Carver (NC) 1/28 Paul Scheibner (NC) 1/29 Read Jacob (Remote) 1/29 Dianne Dockery (NC) 1/29 Valerie Hoffmann (NC) 1/30 Ty Walker (Remote) 1/30 Joshua Shuford (NC) 1/31 Ethan Houser (MO) 1/31 1/25

Ella Lint (NC)

Nicki Lynn (KS)

Kathy Nelson (NC) 1/3 Krista Delafuente (Remote) 1/3 Roger Zimmerman (KS) 1/3 Joyce Lebeau (MA) 1/8 Laura Easley (AR) 1/8 Michael Willard (NC) 1/10 Bryan McDermott (NC) 1/10 Paul Thompson (NC) 1/11 Holly Watts (NC) 1/11 Valerie Schurman (KS) 1/11 Chandra Gutgsell (NC) 1/12 Cheryl Center (NC) 1/12

Keith Stamey (NC) Timothy Morris (KS) Luz Aguilar (NC) Nathan Duysen (NE) Aaron Loney (NC) Tanisha Wright (NC) Karin Lyons (MA) Lisa McRorie (NC)

1/21 1/21

John Stout (NE) 1/21 Susan Kristinelli (Remote) 1/22 Chris DiBernardi (Remote) 1/22 Michael Miller (NC) 1/25


Chase Garrett (NC) Michael Franzen (KS)

6 years 5 years 5 years

Brian Phillips (NC) Leonard West (NC) 2 years Mason McCarter (NC) 2 years Jon Brendle (NC) 1 year Natasha Mosley (NC) 1 year Melissa Johnson (NC) 1 year Preston Lewis (NC) 1 year Jodi Simmons (AR) 1 year Richard Kurfees (NC) 1 year Angie Richmond (NC) 1 year Garrett Fraker (Remote) 1 year Cody Clark (NC) 1 year John Hernandez (NC) 1 year Phillip Mericle (NC) 1 year Paul Scheibner (NC) 1 year BensonWilkinson (NC) 1 year Kayla King (NC) 1 year Chelsea Perkins (NC) 1 year Luke Shely (NC) 1 year Marcus Miller (NC) 1 year 2 years

Sharan St. John (NC) 20 years Ella Lint (NC) 20 years Kathy Nelson (NC) 15 years Jennifer Goodman (NC) 15 years Paul Schmitz (Remote) 14 years Karen Lingerfelt (NC) 13 years Scott Pettit (Remote) 12 years Sandy Lail (NC) 12 years Tyler Brooks (NC) 11 years Bryan Cable (NC) 11 years Bryan Beal (NC) 11 years Anna Mitchell (AR) 10 years Kim Johnson (NC) 10 years Rennie Faulkner (NC) 9 years BryanMcDermott (NC) 7 years Christie Chubick (KS) 7 years Debbie Holdren (AR) 7 years Henry Teague (NC) 7 years Caitlin Fitzpatrick (NC) 7 years Donny Elliott (NC) 7 years MatthewStephens (NC) 7 years

William Riippi (KS)

Belinda Bentley (NC) 5 years James Solomon (Remote) 5 years Ying Lee (NC) 4 years Hank Demarest (NC) 4 years Stow Bordash (NC) 4 years Kevin Hunt (NC) 4 years Jeremy Ku (NC) 4 years Raylynn Myers (KS) 3 years Alanna Apilado (AR) 3 years Jere Warmack (Remote) 3 years James Wheeler (NC) 3 years Stacie Boydston (Remote) 2 years Matt Novotny (NC) 2 years Aaron Loney (NC) 2 years Robert Williams (NC) 2 years Glenn Donoghue (NC) 2 years Landon Loeper (NC) 2 years


Published monthly by Transportation Insight’s Organizational Development team in collaboration with Corporate Marketing, Associate Insights is designed to promote a greater sense of community among all associates by providing updates on our people, our departments and our company.

Jodee Fulton, HR Administration (ext. 5234) Kelly Mitchell, HR (ext. 5281) Bryan Rueger, Talent Development (ext. 5237) Chrissy Sherrill, HR/Talent (ext. 5238) Josh Walker, OD Management (ext. 5230) Meredith Williamson, Payroll (ext. 5118)

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