Associate Insights January 2019


Chase Garrett (NC) Michael Franzen (KS)

6 years 5 years 5 years

Brian Phillips (NC) Leonard West (NC) 2 years Mason McCarter (NC) 2 years Jon Brendle (NC) 1 year Natasha Mosley (NC) 1 year Melissa Johnson (NC) 1 year Preston Lewis (NC) 1 year Jodi Simmons (AR) 1 year Richard Kurfees (NC) 1 year Angie Richmond (NC) 1 year Garrett Fraker (Remote) 1 year Cody Clark (NC) 1 year John Hernandez (NC) 1 year Phillip Mericle (NC) 1 year Paul Scheibner (NC) 1 year BensonWilkinson (NC) 1 year Kayla King (NC) 1 year Chelsea Perkins (NC) 1 year Luke Shely (NC) 1 year Marcus Miller (NC) 1 year 2 years

Sharan St. John (NC) 20 years Ella Lint (NC) 20 years Kathy Nelson (NC) 15 years Jennifer Goodman (NC) 15 years Paul Schmitz (Remote) 14 years Karen Lingerfelt (NC) 13 years Scott Pettit (Remote) 12 years Sandy Lail (NC) 12 years Tyler Brooks (NC) 11 years Bryan Cable (NC) 11 years Bryan Beal (NC) 11 years Anna Mitchell (AR) 10 years Kim Johnson (NC) 10 years Rennie Faulkner (NC) 9 years BryanMcDermott (NC) 7 years Christie Chubick (KS) 7 years Debbie Holdren (AR) 7 years Henry Teague (NC) 7 years Caitlin Fitzpatrick (NC) 7 years Donny Elliott (NC) 7 years MatthewStephens (NC) 7 years

William Riippi (KS)

Belinda Bentley (NC) 5 years James Solomon (Remote) 5 years Ying Lee (NC) 4 years Hank Demarest (NC) 4 years Stow Bordash (NC) 4 years Kevin Hunt (NC) 4 years Jeremy Ku (NC) 4 years Raylynn Myers (KS) 3 years Alanna Apilado (AR) 3 years Jere Warmack (Remote) 3 years James Wheeler (NC) 3 years Stacie Boydston (Remote) 2 years Matt Novotny (NC) 2 years Aaron Loney (NC) 2 years Robert Williams (NC) 2 years Glenn Donoghue (NC) 2 years Landon Loeper (NC) 2 years


Published monthly by Transportation Insight’s Organizational Development team in collaboration with Corporate Marketing, Associate Insights is designed to promote a greater sense of community among all associates by providing updates on our people, our departments and our company.

Jodee Fulton, HR Administration (ext. 5234) Kelly Mitchell, HR (ext. 5281) Bryan Rueger, Talent Development (ext. 5237) Chrissy Sherrill, HR/Talent (ext. 5238) Josh Walker, OD Management (ext. 5230) Meredith Williamson, Payroll (ext. 5118)

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