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“Once we’re gone, all we have left is our legacy.”

Monday, May 27 is Memorial Day. The holiday was started to honor those who have died while serving in the line of duty. Over the years, many people have expanded the scope of Memorial Day to also remember

memory. One of my grandmothers and my great- grandmother both

any loved one who is no longer with them. This month, I would like to share some memories of people in my own life who have passed away, but whose legacies still inspire me. One of the first people to come to mind is a good friend named Owen Fisher. In 2005, Owen had just become a police officer when he was involved in a car chase that ended in a bad crash. Owen was one of my oldest friends from childhood. When I was in fifth grade, my family moved into what was then a predominantly white neighborhood. It was difficult at first, but Owen was one of the guys who welcomed me and other new kids into the neighborhood. We played basketball and baseball all the time, and I often stayed the night at Owen’s house. Moving to a new place where everyone was so different fromme could have been a struggle, but Owenmade the transition easy. He was a really cool guy, and he continued being a warm, welcoming person all throughout his life. In terms of family members who have passed away, I know I have talked a great deal about my grandmothers in the past. Both my paternal and maternal grandmothers played a huge role in helping me become the man I am today. Another family member I owe a lot to is my grandfather’s mother. She was a strong woman who always took really good care of herself. This great- grandmother managed a farm in Arkansas until her mid-80s, and it wasn’t until she moved up here to Flint that we became close. We only had a few years together before she passed, but I enjoyed being able to spend time with her and hear about her life.

had cancer and lost a lot of muscle strength. They weren’t able to get the care

that would have helped them, and I saw howmuch they struggled as a result. This pushed me to learn the skills needed to offer that kind of treatment at my practice as a memorial to them. When my great-grandmother died, she also had lymphedema, swelling in her arms. One of my big goals for the practice is to add treatment options for lymphedema one day. That way, I can help people who need the kind of treatment that would have benefited my great-grandmother. Once we’re gone, all we have left is our legacy. I want my legacy to be one of helping people achieve their goals in life. I founded Flint’s Finest Basketball Club to encourage the kids I work with to go to college and become good members of society. I strive to run a respected clinic that can help anyone who walks through our door. And I work hard to be there for my wife and our sons when they need me. We don’t get much say in what our legacy is after we’re gone, but I would like mine to be the legacy of a man— born and raised in Flint, Michigan—who came back to help the community. People like my grandmothers, my great-grandmother, and Owen Fisher left legacies of supporting me throughout my life. I want to honor their memories by doing the same for others.

I was raised with a strong sense of family. After someone passes away, something deep inside me looks for ways to honor their

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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