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April 2020

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Showcasing the Kelly Dogs The Impact of a Family Dog

research and finally found a Boykin spaniel to become our new family member. I’ll never forget bringing him home to the kids. A friend and I took a road trip to North Carolina to pick up the pup from a breeder. My friend got his litter mate, too. When we got home, we put him in a box and asked the kids to meet us in the backyard. When they came out there and opened the box, their reactions were priceless! My oldest daughter was simply beside herself laughing and jumping. My middle daughter didn’t know what to think and immediately sprinted away. My young son was so curious that he just sat there petting the dog, fixated on him. We all had such a fun time, and I’ll cherish that moment forever. We named our spaniel Boone. He’s been an excellent addition to the family ever since! He’s excellent with the kids, and we take him bird hunting, so he gets to spend quality time with everyone. We wanted to get an animal for our kids partly because they provide so many benefits to growing children. Family pets can teach kids valuable virtues such as loyalty, empathy, confidence, and responsibility. For instance, when kids feed, walk, and clean up after the family pet, they learn about responsibility. Also, having your kids help train the family dog gives them confidence because when they commit to the training, they’re taking on a leadership role. When your kids bond with the pet and start to provide them with a little more food, take them on long walks, and peacefully discipline them, it teaches empathy that kids will carry for years. Now, I don’t even want to think about this part, but it does teach them about death as well. When family pets do pass away, it opens the

While I love pets, I didn’t realize there was a National Pet Day (April 11) until this year! When I found out, it made me realize pretty quickly how important pets have been for my family. So, I want to take this opportunity to showcase

the animals in my life and how they’ve positively impacted my loved ones.

As a kid, I was raised with every kind of pet you can imagine. The first one I can remember was a big black Lab named Troy, followed by a plethora of pugs. The pugs may have been small, but they were full of character! They were always so funny and cuddly and had great personalities that could brighten up anyone’s day. Those were the family pets, but I also had lizards, hamsters, and fish. They weren’t as cuddly, but they were fun for a child to care for. I guess my love for dogs rubbed off on my kids, though, because a couple of years ago, after some persistent begging from them, we decided to get a family dog. We did a lot of

Moose the mediation dog

window to have those difficult conversations necessary and healthy for all families to have.

In addition to the lessons a family pet can teach your kids, they also have an undeniable calming effect. In fact, I just had a recent experience with a dog that specializes in this. I was in mediation, and the mediator had a golden retriever named Moose. While it sounds odd, Moose was essential to the success of the meeting. Whenever one of the parties was getting flustered, frustrated, or nervous, Moose would make his way over to them. My client loved Moose, and he calmed her whenever she felt stressed— and we eventually settled the case! So, do you have a furry family friend? We would love to see some photos next time you come to the office! If you’re not coming by soon, feel free to email them to us! We always love seeing clients’ family pets.

-Patrick R. Kelly

Our dog Boone

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