2021 Seymour OSHC Fee Schedule

2021 fee schedule Seymour OSHC

Seymour Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Fee Policy and Schedule 2021

BEFORE SCHOOL CARE (Booked or walk-in) $16.00 per child (includes breakfast)- 7.00am to 8.15am At 8.15am, OSHC staff will take students to the undercroft to supervise arriving students on duty. Our breakfast service will finish at 8.00am, to ensure OSHC is ready to close at 8.15am AFTER SCHOOL CARE PROGRAM Casual bookings $30.00 per child casual (includes afternoon tea) – 3.25pm to 6.00pm *** Please see Booking and Cancellations section for more information. Permanent bookings $25.00 per child permanent (includes afternoon tea) – 3.25pm to 6.00pm *** Please see Booking and Cancellations section for more information. VACATION CARE PROGRAM $60.00 per child (activity costs not included) – 8.00am to 6.00pm Our Vacation Care maximum daily fee (activity fee included) is $100.00. (This does not take into account Child Care Subsidy) Our Vacation Care program is for 5 years old to 13 years old (4-year olds who attend Seymour’s Prep program will be an exception). *** Please see Booking and Cancellations section for more information. LATE COLLECTION FEE AFTER 6.00PM A late fee of $50 for every 15 minute segment will be charged per child/ per family who are collected after 6.00pm (6.01pm = $50.00, 6.16pm $100.00). All children are required to have up to date immunisation records stored at OSHC.

OSHC ENROLMENT All children using OSHC or Vacation Care must be enrolled with the service prior to attending. Enrolment can be completed using the following link: https://prodadmin.myxplor.com/enrollment_v2/centre/ NuXytnSBEsSS24356O9g39kVJQ . OSHC ENROLMENT OPTIONS Before and After School Care There are two types of enrolments available for before Attending the same days each week of the term. A permanent enrolment secures your placement at Seymour OSHC. Fees will be charged for the days booked for every week of the term. Bookings will roll over into the next term if not changed in writing. Casual enrolment Infrequent, occasional attendance which is subject to availability and places cannot be guaranteed at Seymour OSHC. BOOKING AND CANCELLATION Permanent Enrolments To make a permanent booking you need to contact the OSHC Manager. A day’s attendance fee will be charged for cancellations of permanent days booked. Should you wish to end your child/ren’s permanent booking at the service please provide six weeks written notice. Permanent bookings cannot be made mid-way through the term. If cancelled without six weeks written notice, your child will be marked as absent for the remainder of and after school care. Permanent enrolment At your earliest convenience, you need to phone or email OSHC to request days of attendance. You can also make casual bookings via the Xplor app. Advanced notice will assist in securing your child/ren a place, and is needed regarding staffing, food quantity and activities. 48 hours’ notice is needed to cancel casual bookings, and a full fee will be charged if not notified appropriately. the booking period. Casual Enrolments

VACATION CARE ENROLMENTS To make a Vacation Care booking you must be enrolled at the OSHC service and make a booking through the Xplor Home app or returned booking form. Once your child/ren are booked in, you place is then secured (this can be confirmed with the OSHC Manager). A day’s attendance and activity fee will be charged if children are cancelled or absent once the booking has been made. If enough notice is given and we can fill the spot with someone on our waitlist, you will not be charged the full fee. CONTACT DETAILS email: oshc@seymour.sa.edu.au or phone: 0409 000 454. PAYMENT OF FEES INVOICES OSHC invoices can be viewed on your Xplor account. DIRECT DEBIT All payments for OSHC will be processed via direct debit fortnightly on a Thursday. Seymour OSHC has partnered with Xpay (DebitSuccess) to manage all direct debit payments. Direct debit provides a secure and convenient payment method, which now can be accessed via the mobile app. EziDebit, as used previously, will now not be used for any future payments. OVERDUE ACCOUNTS Please make an appointment with the OSHC Manager to discuss your account. Continually not paying fees will jeopardise your child’s place at OSHC. RESPONSIBILITY FOR PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS This rests jointly and severally with the person(s) who signed the enrolment form. If both parents have signed the enrolment form one parent cannot remove themselves from the enrolment contract without consent from the College and the other parent. Unless agreed otherwise with the College, the legal liability for fees remains in accordance with the enrolment form. ACCOUNT QUERIES All account enquiries, comments or concerns need to be made to the OSHC Manager. Please email oshc@seymour.sa.edu.au

CHILD CARE SUBSIDY The Australian Government provides the following payments to assist families with the cost of child care: CHILD CARE SUBSIDY (CCS) Seymour OSHC is an Approved Provider. If you would like to claim CCS please make sure you have provided the relevant details on your enrolment form (Child and Primary Carer’s CRN and DOB), and have completed your Centrelink Child Care Subsidy Assessment. If you are unsure of what to do please do not hesitate to contact Demi Saint, OSHC Manager via email at oshc@seymour.sa.edu.au.


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