Weekly Flyer July 5-10, 2018

$ 4 99 SAVE $1

Snackables From the Earth Fare Kitchen All Varieties A quick and healthy meal to go, our Snackables are make with cage-free eggs, rBST-free cheese, and fresh produce. Try them all!


2/ $ 5 1 lb. Organic Strawberries & Half Pint Organic Blueberries

99 ¢/lb. Southern Peaches

88 ¢/lb. SAVE $1.11/lb. Fresh Chicken

Leg Quarters Our 3rd Party Certified Humanely Raised chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and have never been administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

$ 6 99/lb. SAVE $3/lb. Grass Fed

$ 2 99/lb. SAVE $1/lb. USDA Choice Ground Chuck Our genetically verified

10/ $ 10 SAVE $6.67 on 10 Kind Bar

20%OFF Renew Life BRAND WIDE SALE All Sizes & Varieties A healthy gut is a happy

Whole Strip Loin Grass-fed meat is high in healthy

Nutritional Bars 1.2-1.4 oz., Select Varieties

Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, benefiting your heart health. Our grass-fed beef comes from 100% non-GMO grass pastures where it was never administered antibiotics or growth hormones. Will Cut For Free Upon Request Grass Fed Strip Steaks $7.99/lb., SAVE $4/lb.

angus steak is Certified Humanely Handled, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and never administered antibiotics or growth hormones. Traceable from farm to fork.

gut. Renew Life’s mission is to elevate your quality of life through better digestive health.

A wholesome, delicious snack with ingredients you’ll recognize, like whole nuts, grains, fruits, and spices.


Our salmon is 100% traceable and sustainably sourced, non-GMO, has never been administered antibiotics or growth hormones, and have no synthetic coloring.

$ 5 EVERYDAY LOW PRICE Cedar Plank Salmon 6 oz.

$ 5 99 SAVE $4 SmokedWild Sockeye Salmon 4 oz.

$ 7 99/lb. SAVE $5/lb. Fresh Scottish

$ 8 99/lb. SAVE $6/lb. Fresh Wild Salmon Fillet

$ 8 99/lb. SAVE $1/lb. Fresh Scottish Salmon Fillet

2/ $ 10 SAVE $3.98 on 2 Fresh Hawaiian Garlic Salmon 5 oz.

Salmon Steaks

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