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Embrace means you’re okay with the idea, but not necessarily a participant. I don’t want leaders to “embrace change.” I want a leader who takes ACTION.

I prefer the word INCLUSIVE. It tells a deeper tale of involvement, and it’s a positive word that needs no defining. It’s also singular. I’m inclusive. “I’m diverse” or “I’m all about diversity” sounds contrived.

Results is another milquetoast word that drives me crazy. Bob is results-oriented. Bob focuses on results. Yada, yada, yada. A stronger word is OUTCOME, which takes both people and task into consideration and emphasizes what happens after completion. At the end of the day is a summary of expectations and predictions, usually stated in the negative. When someone says this, I can assure you they’re just searching for words. At the end of the day, it has no alternative. The phrase should be just eliminated forever. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of 12 best-selling books, including “The Sales Bible,” “The Little Red Book of Selling,” and “21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling.” The latter is now available as an online course at Known for a speaking style that is funny and in your face, Gitomer offers his selling expertise at more than 100 seminars each year.

ACTION is a better word, because it means something’s happening.

Focus means the leaders is paying major attention to something. But then what?

area that he wants to target. If he doesn’t have a big budget, then he might select just one street. If he has a larger budget, he might select a neighborhood. Rarely does he start bigger than that. Then, he sends postcards to this target area. A couple of weeks later, he sends another set of different postcards. A couple of weeks later, he sends brochures. A couple of weeks later, he acquires the phone numbers of the people in that area and calls them. A couple of weeks later, he puts up signs in the area. A couple of weeks later, he sends flyers in a targeted mailout. And his phone starts ringing. Customers start calling. He starts serving people in that area. Other customers who have been receiving these marketing pieces start seeing trucks in the area, and the brand is further reinforced. So, they start calling, too. Accountable means the leader has fessed up after something has gone wrong and the poor results have been demonstrated for all to see. This is a weasel word and should be banned. RESPONSIBLE is a better option. Be responsible for yourself and to yourself. Be responsible for your words and deeds. Be responsible for your attitude. Be responsible for your achievements. Effective is a synonym for mediocre. The word carries a “so what” feeling to it. I really don’t want an effective heart surgeon. I want the BEST. Which would you rather have cutting you open? Diversity is a word spoken by many, but understood by few. I guess it refers to hiring and doing business with all types of people and businesses. continued from page 8 ...

I’d rather knowmy leader’s INTENTION. Just because you’re focused on something doesn’t mean you intend to do something about it. Understand is weak and passive. Bob understands. Sowhat? Is Bob doing anything about it? I want someone that knows what to do and does it. I want an EXPERT.When I have an issue, do I want to bring it to someonewho understands, or do I want to bring it to an expert?

Paradigm is old hat. As I like to say: With paradigms, you get 20 cents.

Sometimes it’s accompanied by the word “shift” and means there’s a new way.

A better word is OPPORTUNITY. When there’s a paradigm shift or change, doesn’t it make a lot more sense to look for opportunity?

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The cost? It’s often substantially less than the conventional way of spread-out marketing described earlier. The timeline? Weeks. An added benefit is that each marketing piece builds on the last. The effectiveness? Highly effective. This really works because the frequency of the message has an impact.

Rather than spreading your marketing out too thin and only sending out one brochure once in a while, choose a smaller marketplace and hammer themwith marketing over and over again, with the goal of dominating that small market. With stackable marketing, you’ll see huge results at a lower cost from a smaller market. | 7

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