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Natural Selection

Pictured on this page: Natural full width tree, burlap garland, burlap ring and crackle bowl all with wooden decorations, snowflakes and bristle woodland creatures.

Purely Pastels

Pictured on this page: Purely Pastels full width flocked tree, flocked garland, flocked ring and crackle bowl all with pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel lilac and champagne decorations


Pictured on this page: Silver & Blue garland; Silver & Burgundy crackle vase; All Silver cone tree; Silver & Purple festive creation


Pictured on this page: Gold garland; Gold & Red festive creation; all Gold full width tree; Gold & Blue crackle bowl

Bright & Bold

Pictured on this page: Pink & Turquoise crackle vase; Pink, Purple & Chartreuse tree (full width); Pink & Turquoise festive creation

Festive Colour Pool

Silver and…

Gold and…

Bright and Bold


Pink & Purple

Traditional Red


Pink, Purple & Chartreuse

Pink & Turquoise


Simply Silver

All Gold

Chocolate & Amber

Create Your Own


Festive Creations

Our festive creations are made to order in a colour scheme matching your Christmas tree


Crackle Bowl & Vase

Our crackle vases are made to order in a colour scheme matching your Christmas tree


Rings and Garlands

Our rings and garlands are made to order in a colour scheme matching your Christmas tree

Tree Colours




Green Glitter



Some colours are only available in limited sizes so please contact us for availability.

General Info

Green Team Interiors specialise in delivering a fantastic quality Corporate Christmas Décor service. Our truly stunning artificial Christmas trees are of the highest quality with a beautiful, consistent shape and dense foliage. No needle dropping and no need for watering – your tree will still look fabulous after 5 or 6 weeks! Fancy a change from a green Christmas tree? Be bold with a black Christmas tree or go wild … other colours are available. Green Team Interiors can supply artificial Christmas trees up to 15ft/4.57m supplied from November onwards (or earlier if you like). If you have limited space or would simply like to try something different, then you should consider our slimline collection, which is available in most colours and can be decorated in any colour scheme you fancy. Some customers prefer live trees for their offices and of course, Green Team Interiors can help. Please note our earliest installation date for live trees is 4th December.


Price List



Rental price

Tree colour

Tree size

Rental price

£290.00 £330.00 £560.00 £240.00 £260.00 £290.00 £330.00 £365.00 £475.00 £560.00 £755.00 £220.00 £330.00 £465.00

7ft (2m) 7.5ft (2.3m) 10ft (3m) 6ft (1.82m) 6.5ft (1.98m) 7ft (2m) 7.5ft (2.3m) 8ft (2.41m) 9ft (2.74m) 10ft (3m) 12ft (3.65m) 6ft (1.82m) 8ft (2.41m) 10ft (3m)

Garlands *


Garland with decorations

6 or 9ft (1.8m/2.7m)

FULL WIDTH Trees Artificial


Rings *


Ring with decorations

2 or 3ft (60cm/90cm)

Crackle bowl with lights and baubles


10 inches (25cm)

Crackle Collection

Crackle vase with lights and baubles

FULL WIDTH Trees Artificial or Live


18 inches (46cm)


Festive creation in your choice of colour

3ft (90cm) (approx. overall height)

Festive Creations


3ft (90cm) (approx. overall height)

Wall Trees


Wall tree with decorations

Green, black, chocolate, blue, silver

SLIMLINE Trees Artificial

Optional extras: Lights on garlands, rings, etc.


£250.00 £440.00

7ft (2m) 10ft (3m)

Green glitter

Delivery charges

£240.00 £260.00 £290.00

6ft (1.82m) 7ft (2m) 8ft (2.41m)

CONE Trees Artificial


Standard delivery / collection


6-8ft tree


Weekend delivery or collection

9-10ft tree


All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT (*) Standard Garlands and Rings are green. Other colours may be available – please call us to check

12ft+ tree


Company name:

Contact name:

Purchase order:

Order Form




Delivery address:

Invoice address:

Contact person on day of delivery:

Invoice contact name:

Contact phone no. on day of delivery:

Invoice contact email:

Office opening / access hours:

Parking restrictions:


Tree colour

Tree size

Colour Scheme

Location fo your décor




Contact Green Team Interiors 01730 890111

Additional notes or instructions:

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. Prices are for rental throughout Christmas period with installation and collection during normal working hours. Ownership remains with Green Team Interiors Limited. Payment terms : 30 days from date of invoice (contract customers); before delivery (all other customers). Subject to availability and Green Team Interiors terms and conditions attached.

Do I have to buy the Christmas décor?

Which colour schemes are available? Have a look at our colour inspirations on the preceding pages. Whether you prefer a traditional or more contemporary style, or want to match your company’s corporate colours, we can help! Don’t see the colour you are looking for? Give us a call and we can discuss!All our trees are individually created and may feature different decorations to those shown on page 5. We can offer garlands, rings, festive creations, crackle vases/bowls, cone trees, wall trees etc. in a matching colour scheme. How long can I keep the decor? We start installing the décor towards the end of November and early December, leaving you to enjoy the décor until after Christmas. See Page 12 for earliest installation date for live trees. Due to high demand, installation and collection dates will be advised by GreenTeam Interiors. Depending on your requirements, we may be able to accomodate specific dates. Weekend and bank holiday dates may be subject to an additional charge. Do you have any matching items?

How about health and safety?


All of our Christmas décor range is supplied on rental. This means you don’t need to worry about storage and you can choose a different colour scheme in the future if you wish. What is included in the price? Our rental price includes the design, installation & collection of your Christmas décor (weekend delivery/collection may be subject to a delivery charge). It includes the decorations you ordered and lights where applicable. Each tree comes with a swag of coordinated fabric at the base of the tree. All you need to provide is an extension lead for the lights if necessary. Why artificial? Our truly stunning artificial Christmas trees are of the highest quality with a beautiful consistent shape and dense foliage. No needle dropping and no need for watering - your tree will still look fabulous after 5 or 6 weeks! Which size trees are available? Our standard sizes go from 6ft to 15ft though other sizes may be available.

Our method statement and risk assessment are available on request and sent automatically on confirmation of order. All lights and other electrical items are either PAT tested or new. Mains lighting? For mains power lights, the Customer should ensure that suitable power point(s) supply is available close to the proposed location of the display (applies to all items featuring lights eg Trees, Garlands, Rings, Twig Displays, Crackle Collection, Festive Creations). Battery lights? Battery lights can be supplied if required, however please note that we supply one set of new AA batteries but cannot guarantee these will last the entire Christmas period. Please ensure that you have a supply of batteries as replacements. It will, of course, help if the lights can be switched off over night and at weekends.

01730 890111

Terms & Conditions

b. Ensure the displays are not maintained other than by GreenTeam Interiors’ personnel or their agents. c. That the displays and their locations are agreed between the Customer and Green Team Interiors and are not relocated without prior written agreement of GreenTeam Interiors. d. That any changes to the displays or their location requested after installation may incur additional charges. e. To pay the replacement cost of any display, or part thereof, which has been damaged by theft, vandalism, or any other reason excluding equipment failure. f. To allow reasonable access to all the displays to enable GreenTeam Interiors to inspect, maintain and collect the displays. g. To provide access to a suitably located power supply (including extension cables where

required) on the premises. h. To insure the displays with a reputable insurance company. GreenTeam Interiors’ interest should be noted upon such policy. A copy of this policy maybe requested by GreenTeam Interiors. 3. Contract Term a. This agreement is for the Christmas period (to a maximum of 8 weeks), but may be extended by mutual agreement in which case additional charges may be made. b. In the exceptional circumstances that Green Team Interiors wish to end the agreement, the displays will be collected immediately. Such circumstances could be; failure to pay outstanding invoices within the agreed

1. Green Team Interiors will: a. Provide Christmas displays as agreed. The standard price includes delivery and collection during normal working hours. It may be possible to arrange delivery and collection outside of these hours although this may incur additional charges. b. Respond to any reasonable queries regarding the displays within two working days. c. Issue invoices on installation of the displays for existing customers. Invoices for new customers will be issued prior to installation. 2. The Customer agrees: a. To pay the invoices within 30 days of the date of such invoice, except in the case of a new customer in which case payment is due with order.

4. Cancellation a. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel their Christmas décor order the following charges will normally apply based on the date on which written cancellation is received. Prior to 1 st September: zero; 1 st September to 30 th September: 30%; 1 st October to 31 st October: 60%; 1 st November onwards: 100%. 5. General a. This agreement is for the period stated, but may be extended by mutual agreement in which case additional charges may be made. b. The ownership of the displays shall remain with GreenTeam Interiors at all times. c. Any variation to this agreement shall not be binding unless agreed in writing by Green Team Interiors Ltd.

timescale; breach of this agreement; declaration of bankruptcy; voluntary or compulsory liquidation.

Green Team Interiors are more than just Christmas… Throughout the year, Green Team Interiors design, install and maintain stunning interior landscaping schemes specially tailored to your requirements. Our range extends from floor standing displays through fantastic flowering bowls to wall planters and living walls for a striking statement. Visit our website on www.greenteaminteriors. com or call our team on 01730 890111

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