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December 2018

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When the Going Gets Tough

T here’s something to be said about working in business and construction law. For a long time, I’ve been fascinated with the entire process of construction. And right now, just outside my office window, I get to watch a building site come together in real time. Every day, there’s something new to see. And with every new case, I have the benefit of learning something new about construction and everything that goes into it. There are so many details that go far beyond the law. I love seeing how things work from the inside and learning about how our modern life is built. It’s truly remarkable and something a lot of people don’t notice in their day-to-day lives. I’ve had the opportunity to see some very interesting things happen outside of our office building over the past several months. The construction crew nearby is on their second try with a mixed-use commercial project. The first time, they encountered unexpected bedrock when digging for the foundation, and the project had to be put on hold. Eventually, it got off the ground (or into the ground) after they were able to get a blasting crew in to take care of the bedrock. Since then, the project has been coming along nicely. Back in the office, cases can be just as complicated. I work with a lot of skilled subcontractors who take jobs with one major expectation: They’re going to be paid for their service. It’s an expectation we all have as professionals. When the hiring party refuses to pay the contractor or subcontractor, that’s where I come in. No one should have to come to me in order to get paid. They shouldn’t need an attorney to fight for them to get what they’re owed for labor and materials. The reality is that they should have been paid to begin with so

that they could move on to the next project while maintaining their livelihood.

businesses to run, people to pay, and materials to buy. They can’t let a legal hiccup get in the way, because work can’t stop. When they know they’re going to get paid, that’s a big burden off their shoulders and their bottom line. I’m glad I get to be here for the people who need someone on their side to fight for them when the situation gets tough.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. All too often, we don’t have the luxury of living in that ideal world. Somewhere along the line, money gets held up. Someone backs out of a project, money runs dry, or something disrupts the process. One of the biggest reasons I got into law, and why I continue to love it so much, comes down to the investigative side of the job. It often involves combing through document after document. In construction, the documents almost always tell the tale. When one side says one thing and the other side says another, the documents have a habit of revealing the truth. At the end of an investigation and as a case comes to a close, it doesn’t get much better than when I get to call a client and tell them the good news. These are folks who have

-Jeremy Wyatt

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