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Get Creative — Not everything needs to be a fight, however. Read the room and check on what the actual cash flow issue is. For example, if you are a project subcontractor and your payment is being held up by a dispute between the general contractor and owner unrelated to your work, you may be able to get paid “on the side” via a joint check from the owner to you and the general contractor. Most problems are open to creative solutions that may not involve litigation or parties going for each other’s throats. Follow up or fail — It’s cliché but true: The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Whatever happened to that proposed change order you submitted six months ago? What about your customer’s promise to call about last month’s invoice? People are busy, and so often we forget about the issues that aren’t right in front of our faces. If you do one thing today to get paid, let it be this: look at your biggest or most difficult receivable, decide who is the person that can move the ball forward on payment, and then pick up the phone and call that person to see what the real problem is.


“Follow up or fail — It’s cliché but true: the SQUEAKYWHEEL gets the GREASE. ”


If you want to learn more skills and tips about getting paid what you are owed on construction projects, you can receive a free copy of my book, The Subcontractor’s Roadmap to Getting Paid for Extra Work by emailing me at jwyatt@harrisonlawgroup.com.

-Jeremy Wyatt



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