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s-series wall mounted rak-psb

The S-Series provides the highest energy savings and unmatched IAQ with stainless clean and ion mist air filtration, which is effective in capturing particles as small as 0.001 microns in size.

features and benefits New elegant and compact design DC Hybrid inverter with Scroll compressors Superior indoor air quality (IAQ) Advanced and extensive air purification High seasonal efficiency A+++ class in cooling and A++ in heating, fully ErP compliant Energy saving sensors adjust heating and cooling levels as room occupancy changes Quiet operation for enhanced user comfort (22dBA) Stainless clean and ionised mist function to eliminate odours and destroy 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria.

remote controllers

spx-rcdb (optional) Wired Remote Controller

Standard Wireless Remote Controller

ECO operation energy saving function Leave Home Function - set temperature at 10°C

spx-wkt2 (optional) Wired 7-day Remote Controller

automatically when no one is at home for up to 99 days Weekly Timer – 6 patterns Temperature and monthly power consumption display Copy function to copy settings from one day to another Summer/Winter modes Error Code Display Alarm History

Daily Timer Weekly timer Sleep timer Leave Home Function Error Code Display Alarm History





stainless air duct Stainless material is used for the air duct located at the back of the fan. This has disinfection and antifouling effects, and keeps the interior of the air conditioner clean. 1 micro mesh stainless filter Contamination-resistant micro mesh stainless filter. Even greasy contaminants can be removed with a quick wipe. As it is stainless, it has a disinfection effect. With auto filter cleaning. 3

stainless louver Stainless material is used for the horizontal louver. This has disinfection and antifouling effects, and keeps the air outlet clean. 2 stainless plasma air purification Negative ions are emitted from the plasma electrode. 4

The negative ions surround contaminants and effectively carry them to the micro mesh stainless filter, where they are captured.


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