King's Business - 1937-10

ORGANIZATION MONEY-RAISING PLANS METAL SPONGE SALES CORPORATION, Philadelphia, Pa., advertises cooperative sell- ing plan. See display ad page 398._______________ R. TURNER, W ALB ROOK 80, BALTIMORE, Md., offers plan, upon request, for raising funds. See display ad page 394. ORGANS BILHORN BROS. ORGAN CO., INC., 1414 M cLean Ave., C hicago, 111. M anufacturers o f Bilhorn Folding Organs. Free circular giv- ing prices. See display ad page 387.__________ A. L. W H ITE MFG. CO., DEPT. K , 215 E nglew ood A ve., C hicago, 111. Pipe-tone fo ld ­ ing organs. Free catalogue. See display ad page 402. PEN REPAIRING FOUNTAIN PEN SHOP, ROOM 314 GROSSE Bldg., 124 W est 6th St., Los A ngeles, Calif. Fountain Pen and Pencil repairing. Mail o r­ ders prom ptly filled. See display ad page 409. PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE PHOTOGRAPH IC CHRISTMAS CARDS. Ex­ clusively individual. Send kodak negative and five cents for sample. Ten for 49c. E nvelopes included. Rolls carefully developed, printed, and ch oice of tw o 5x7 professional enlarge­ ments or six reprints, 25 c. Reprints 3c each. Immediate service, no delay! THE PHOTO M ILL, Box 629-30, M inneapolis, Minn. PUBLIC SPEAKING NORTH AMERICAN INSTITUTE, 3601 MICH- igan A ve., Chicago, 111., will send free booklet, ‘H ow to W ork W onders W ith W ord s.” See display ad page 389. REAL ESTATE BURTON O. ALFRED , 310 N. LA BREA, LOS A ngeles, Calif., realtor. See display ad page 400. REVIVAL MESSAGES UNION BIBLE SEM INARY, W ESTFIELD, Ind., will furnish fron t page m essages for church folders. See display ad page 396. ________________STOVES__________ ___ COLEMAN LAMP & STOVE CO., THIRD and San Pedro Sts., Los Angeles, Calif., m an­ ufacturers of Coleman Camp Stoves, Lamps and Irons. See display ad page 415. _______ SUNDAY-SCHOOL GIFT________ A SPLENDID GIFT FOR SUNDAY-SCHOOL Classes. The L ord’s Prayer beautifully en­ graved on a penny— 50c per dozen. Send 10c for sample. George Aitken, 532 4th A ve., Portland, Ore. SUNDAY-SCHOOL LITERATURE ____________ AND SUPPLIES____________ AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION, 1816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., offers free specim ens of International Uniform Lessons- See display ad page 393.________________________ DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING CO., ELGIN, 111., offers S unday-school literature for teach­ ers and officers, and for adult Bible classes. See display ad page 391._________________________ THE SCRIPTURE PRESS, 800 N. CLARK St., C hicago, 111., will furnish sam ples o f "A ll Bible Graded Series” Sunday-school lesson manuals. See display ad page 413. VOICE INSTRUCTION PERFECT VOICE INSTITUTE, 64 EA ST Lake St., C hicago, 111., will send free upon request, 120-page illustrated b ook on Per­ fect V oice System . See display ad page 406. WATCH REPAIRING GUARANTEED W ATCH REPAIRING BY fundam ental Christian supporting L ord’s w ork. W rap well; m ail insured; price sent before starting. W e sell w atches, clocks. Please tell others. Vernier W atch Shop, 323 Jackson Street, Toledo, Ohio. 100% SCRIPTURE THE W ORD COMPANY, 6602 CRENSHAW Blvd., L os A ngeles, Calif. "P reach the W ord ” on tracts, m ottoes, calendars, pencils, m irrors, etc. See special offer on page 410.

‘‘SH IP A H O Y ” FARRAR ANNOUNCES FOUR- p age o cta v o piano-voice, arrangem ent. Just off press. Church Soloists, E vangelists demand it. Get itl "Sh ip A h o y !” 153 Institute Place, C hicago. 35c copy. HOPE PUBLISHING COMPANY, 5729 W . Lake St., C hicago, 111., publishers of "The Service H ym nal,” a com plete service book for every religious use, and "D evotional H ym ns.” See display ad p age 401. LILLENAS PUBLISHING CO., 2923 TROOST A ve., Kansas City, Mo., publishers o f "G lori­ ous Gospel H ym ns,” "D evotion and Praise” and "N ew Soul-W inning Songs.” W rite for free m usic catalogue. See display ads pages 402, 410, and 414. ___________________________ TABERNACLE PUB. CO., 360 N. W ALLE R A ve., C hicago, 111., publishers of "Tabernacle Hym ns Number Three.” W rite for details and returnable sam ple cop y. See display ad page 397. CHURCH SUPPLIES "CHURCH PUBLICITY AND ADVERTISING” — booklet, special 25c. Postage additional. Stencils, $2.25 quire; duplicating ink, $1.25 lb. D uplicating supplies fo r every make m a­ chine. M inisterial discount. Christian Circle, B ox 1683, H ollyw ood, Calif. ______.__________ INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION SERVICE COM- pany, 1701- 1703 Chestnut Street, Philadel­ phia, Pa. Communion ware o f quality. See display ad page 406. THOMAS COMMUNION SERVICE, BOX 542, Lima, Ohio. O ffers free folder describing ch urch comm union service. See display ad page 389. COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS AMERICAN SCHOOL, DREXEL A T 58TH, C hicago, 111., offers high school course for hom e study. See display ad page 394. ________ BOB JONES COLLEGE, CLEVELAND, TENN., a Christian college in the heart of the South. See display ad page 409._________________________ CHICAGO SCHOOL OF NURSING, 100 E. O hio St., Chicago, 111., teaches practical nurs­ ing by correspondence. W rite for free booklet and sam ple lesson pages. See display ad page 3 8 9 . ______________________________ - MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE CORRESPOND- ence School, 153 Institute PI., C hicago, 111., offers courses for hom e study. Send for free Bible Test. See display ad page 393.____________ SHERW IN CODY SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, 739 Searle Bldg., R ochester, N. Y. Study English b y correspondence. Send for free book, "H ow Y ou Can M aster G ood English.” See display ad p a ge 395.______ _ ______________________________ _ STONY BROOK SCHOOL, STONY BROOK, L on g Island, N. Y., provides b oys an educa­ tion under evangelical influences. See display ad page 397.______________________________________ A. E. STUERNAGEL, 817 E. 24TH ST., OAK - land, Calif., offers ten new Bible correspon d­ ence courses. See display ad page 394. DENTAL FASTEETH , NEW , GREATLY IMPROVED pow der for plates. See display ad page 402. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES HOOKER'S ELECTRIC SHOP, 700 W . SIXTH St., Los Angeles, Calif. E lectrical m erchan­ dise. See display ad page 402. ______________ EVANGELIST______________ LOVIC M. DEAN, 1116 N. HIGHLAND AVE. N. E., A tlanta, Ga., booking for fall and winter m eetings. See display ad page 403. FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING R O Y A L V A , 7661 MELROSE AVE., LOS AN - geles, Calif., upholsterer. Free estim ates given. See display ad page 389. ________ GIFT POCKET KNIVES_________ UNION BIBLE SEM INARY, WESTFIELD, Ind., agents for gift pocket knives. See dis­ play ad page 406. _______ GOSPELS AND TRACTS________ EMMANUEL BIBLE T R AC T DEPOT, P. O. Box 5114 Ballard Station, Seattle, W ash., p u b­ lishers o f Prophetic T racts. M other Shipton’s Prophecies, written 1449 A.D. G od’s Clock. Unm istakable Signs, etc. Samples 10 cents. See display ad page 411.________________________g FAITH , P RAY ER AND TRAC T LEAGUE, M uskegon H eights, M ich. Sample package of tracts, 25 cents. See display ad page 398.

SCRIPTURAL LEAGUE, Y O U N G S T O W N , Ohio, will mail free samples o f N eglected Bi- ble Truths leaflets. See display ad page 385. T R Y TH IS NEW TRAC T! “ WH ICH— EX1ST- ence o r L ife ?” Send 10c coin for sample packet. A ddress: W ahlstrom , 3214 Ravens- w ood Ave., Chicago. ___________GREETING CARDS___________ SHEPHERD’S TOWN CARD CO., SHEP- herdstown, Pa., offers greeting cards with Christian sentiment. See display ad page 400. WESTERN A R T STUDIOS, BOX 1500, LOS A ngeles, Calif., agents for special line of Christm as and everyday cards, and Sunshine Plaques. See display ad page 405. HEALTH FOODS____________ HOUSE OF BETTER LIVING, 1207 W . SIXTH St., Los Angeles, Calif., offers "F ood F acts,” b y M ildred Lager. Send for free catalogue. See display ad page 410. ________________ HOTELS_________________ SOUTHLAND HOTEL, 605 S. FLOW ER ST., Los Angeles, Calif., close to Bible Institute. Inexpensive. See display ad page 410._________ HOTEL W ILLARD , 536-40 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Christian hotel. Reasonable rates. See display ad page 406. _______________INSURANCE_______________ CAREFUL AND COURTEOUS ATTENTION given to your Autom obile, Fire, Burglary, Life, and L iability Insurance— only strongest com panies— SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE RATES if no accident for one year or m ore— w rite or phone MINES, MacKEIGAN & CO., 448 S. Hill St., Los Angeles. See display ad page 389. _____________ INVESTMENTS_____________ HOPKINS, HUGHEY & ANDERSON, 609 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., will send upon request an article o f interest to in ves­ tors, "A H istory of Fire Insurance S tocks.” See display ad page 389.____________ __________ C. L. W ELLS & COMPANY, 724 S. SPRING St., L os Angeles, Calif., dealing in investm ent securities. See display ad page 387. JEWISH MISSION WORK AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE Jews, Inc., 31 T hroop Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y E xtensive M ission w ork am ong Jews. See display ad page 3 71.______________________________ NEW YO RK JEW ISH MISSION, 2654 MA- rion A ve., New Y ork, N. Y., con du cts evan­ gelistic services for Jews. Edits m onthly m ag­ azine, "Jew ish M issionary M agazine.” See display ad page 389. MISSIONARY EQUIPMENT MONTGOMERY W ARD , EXPORT MISSION- ary Unit, C hicago, 111., offers free catalogue for personal supplies and m ission equipment. See display ad page 400. ____ ___________ MISSIONS________________ ALL-RUSSIAN EVANG. CHRISTIAN UNION, 156 Fifth A ve., New Y ork City. W rite for free descriptive booklet. See display ad page 404.__________________________________________________ THE AMERICAN MISSION TO LEPERS, INC., 156 Fifth Ave., New Y ork City, desiring funds to carry on w ork am ong lepers. See display ad page 405.___________________________________ ' HOME OF ONESIPHORUS, 2811 N. RACINE Ave., C hicago, 111., con du cting Christian o r­ phanage for native children in China. See display ad page 413.______________________________ RUSSIA INLAND RELIEF MISSION, 690 Eighth A ve., New York City, appeals for gifts to help Christians in Russia. See display ad page 4 13.____________________________________ _ SOUTH AFRICA GENERAL MISSION, 23 Flatbush A ve., Brooklyn, N. Y . Pioneering in uncovered territories in A frica. Inform ation on request. See display ad page 385. ___________ OBJECT LESSONS HADDON SERVICE, BOX 164-B, FAIRFIELD, Conn. O bjectalks; being short talks to boys and girls. The Eye, Ear, and H eart Series. See display ad page 400. _____________OPTOMETRIST__________ __ DR. H A RR Y C. FORSYTH , 610 S. BROAD- w ay, Los A ngeles, Calif., optom etrist. Glasses fitted. See display ad page 394.________________ DR. FRANK H. GUERNSEY, 604 W E ST 6TH St., L os Angeles, Calif. Optom etrist. See dis­ play ad page 411.

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