Your Pullman Staff Guide

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE We regularly task employees with adding to our Local Knowledge.
 The idea is simple, go out and do something interesting - with the view of sharing with the team and your guests and updating your Local Pack. 6 EXTERNSHIPS An incentive where a Pullman staff member is rewarded and given a period of paid leave to leave the four walls of the hotel and go explore something new, on one condition – that they bring that inspiration back with them and pass it on to guests and staff. 7 THE JUNCTION Inspired by the world of travel, buzzing train stations and relaxing airport lounges, the Pullman lobby ‘The Junction’ recognises the specific needs of the Modern Explorer. A hub of style and function, comfort and connectivity, performance and play. It’s where globetrotters work, relax, do nothing, do everything. With strong design, the Pullman lobby elevates the welcome experience and creates a relaxing, multi-functional living room atmosphere. • The check-in desk is prominent in its design and delivers a seamless digital check-in. • Guests relax and stay connected in the modern Lounge or catch up on work in the tranquil Working Space. • Rotating F&B offers fresh grab-

CONTEMPORARY ART Pullman guests understand value and appreciate modern

contemporary art. At Pullman we recognise that our guests seek out the different, the cosmopolitan in their everyday life and so represent this within our hotels. All Pullman’s exhibit contemporary art throughout the public spaces and in guest rooms. New Pullman hotels launch with the signature and exclusive event – Art Night. 9 PULLMAN SCENT We are 100x more likely to remember something that we smell than something that we see, hear, or touch.* Mood is enhanced by 40% in pleasantly scented surroundings.** *Vlahos, J. (2007). Scent and Sensibility. New York Times. **Lindstrom, M. (2005).”Broad sensory branding”, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Vol. (14) Iss: 2, pp.84 – 87 Every Pullman uses the signature fragrance designed exclusively for Pullman hotels to create a consistent and welcoming experience. Guests feel a sense of familiarity, instantly recognising Pullman through the luxurious brand fragrance. Mandarin, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Lavender, Jasmine, Vetiver, Amber, Musk. 10 VINOTECA The Pullman guest recognises good wine and wants to expand their current palette by tasting new wines from around the world. Vinoteca by Pullman is our promise to exceed the contemporary traveller’s every desire. From the best vintages to the local specialties, Vinoteca provides great wine at great prices for every occasion.


3 LIGHTS LOW, MUSIC HIGH Our lights are dimmed and our music is noticeable. The playlist in every Pullman pulls in the best sounds coming from our most interesting hotel destinations. A global mix. Our ambience creates an environment where guests linger (and spend more).

11 PULLMAN UNIFORMS Our uniforms are inspired by


VIE SPA A recognisable brand with a

French designer Martine Sitbon. The collection embodies Pullman’s dedication to contemporary style, art and design – something noticed and appreciated by the Pullman

strong reputation so guests feel comfortable choosing us. Vie Spa offers a full range of services from Body & H20, massage, facials, hand & foot, waxing & tinting, blissful enhancers and men’s treatments. Escape to a tranquil place, a place where your wellness is nurtured to harmonise with your inner self, a place where care is personalised and life is celebrated.

One beautiful thing about travelling is that the memories people take home with them may not have necessarily been the things they travelled for in the first place. As the experts of our local playground, we arm every guest with a genuine and personal recommendation at check-in. 2 LOCAL PACK We connect. We go further. We make it personal. Upon check in, all guests receive a local pack tailored to the hotel’s location and region. This pack folds out into a handy map of interesting places (specific to the Pullman guest), to be folded up and slipped into a pocket.

guest. All staff are groomed impeccably (even roles not uniformed) and clothing is worn with pride.

Can you hear your music? Is the lighting atmospheric? 4 SIGNATURE DRINK

Sourced from our global sphere of influence, Pullman is known for one signature drink, personalised with a story to connect with. Whether it’s our signature negroni or the new on-trend drink of the season, the best variations are available at Pullman. This gives guests a reason to come to Pullman, an offering they can get nowhere else.

PULLMAN HOTELS Pullman hotels always sit in the heart of a thriving city. You’ll find them in major hubs: close to interesting bars, on-trend restaurants, busy cafes and the most popular attractions. Our guests travel for business, for pleasure, and a combination of both. They expect seamless, all-round connectivity, excellent food and wine, and faultless, responsive service. PULLMAN RESORTS People want to escape from the pressures of the everyday. They look for a refuge, a place where they can curate activities and services. A Pullman resort is a place where guests balance indulgence and me-time with exploration, stimulation and connection with their surroundings.

and-go items during the day, morphing into a pop-up bar with DJ decks at night to serve busy professionals and epicurious travellers.


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